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Monday, March 14, 2011

From Twitter 03-13-2011

  • 03:01:18: New post on my blog: From Twitter 03-12-2011: 03:01:18: New post on my blog: From Twitter 03-11-2011: 21:37:35: ...
  • 07:53:02: Dust in the Wind (via @GetGlue) #Kansas
  • 08:05:05: Flowers Never Bend With the Rainfall (via @GetGlue) #SimonGarfunkel
  • 08:08:33: I'm at The Rivers Foursquare Church (1548 Poole Blvd., Ste. D, Yuba City)
  • 14:08:07: I'm at Walmart (1131 North Beale Rd., Marysville)
  • 14:09:13: How pathetic is this? I got extra Foursquare points for going to Walmart 3 times this week.
  • 15:30:46: I am watching MegaMind (via @GetGlue) #MegaMind
  • 17:34:49: I just ate a South Beach Bar with an expiration date of 7/14/08. Does this mean I'll slowly turn into a frog? #fb
  • 17:35:36: Wanda Butt is seeing cockroaches in the fridge, the entemologist said if you have them in the fridge you have 10k in your house. :P
  • 17:36:33: Aw, Wanda's son is Chad Butt.
  • 17:36:47: Cockroaches up the Butt?
  • 17:37:30: Aww, the landlord evicted The Buts
  • 17:37:32: Butts
  • 17:39:36: Awesome! (via @GetGlue) #Infested
  • 17:48:38: I am watching Land of the Dead (via @GetGlue) #LandOfTheDead
  • 18:28:53: RT @engadget: iPad 2 jailbroken, no ETA on public release
  • 19:08:59: I am watching Glee (via @GetGlue) #Glee
  • 19:15:15: This is what happens when your wife doesn't like Glee... have to finish it later. :) (via @GetGlue) #Sanctuary
  • 19:24:34: RT @robcesternino: I don't think Dionne Warwick remembers what friends are for. #celebrityapprentice
  • 19:31:53: RT @CBS13rightnow: Watch live: Explosion reported at Fukishima nuclear reactor; new tsunami alerts issued.
  • 20:04:00: I am watching The Mentalist (via @GetGlue) @mentalist_cbs
  • 20:36:56: It's been brought to my attention that I watch a lot of TV. I don't think I do, or should I say, it didn't tell me I do. #fb
  • 21:05:40: I am watching Breakout Kings (via @GetGlue) #BreakoutKings
  • 21:59:19: Wife's going to bed... I'm finishing Glee. ;) (via @GetGlue) #Glee
  • 22:16:19: Hey great, let's ruin this #Glee episode by singing the Dixie Chicks' arrangement of Landslide. #sucks
  • 22:17:01: Hah, good to see Britney can do harmonies. Alone.
  • 22:24:07: RT @meganperri: So addicted to #GetGlue now. It's like Foursquare for people like myself who are too broke/lazy to go anywhere.
  • 22:26:14: I liked Spartacus: Blood & Sand on #GetGlue, so it suggested "Greek And Roman Historiography".
  • 22:33:23: Now that's even worse! Gwyneth Paltrow said she taught the kids how to "get their Stevie Nicks on". Horrible.
  • 22:35:26: OK, I'm off to bed. Talk about me all you like. #fb
  • 22:35:41: #WINNING #fb

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