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How a 250+ Pound Couch Potato Got Healthy

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today I had my best time for the 5k: 29:10:26! Prior to this, my best time was more like 34 minutes. As a cooldown, I walked back and don't feel near as exhausted as I would have otherwise. Gotta remember to do that step.

So I'm altering my workout schedule ever so slightly. It's going to be something like:

M: Weights
T: 5k (3.1 miles), walk back as cooldown
W: Weights
Th: 5 miles
F: Weights

And then whatever cardio I can manage to fit in between. Depending on how long the workouts take, I might do 2.5 miles afterwards. I work out at lunch so I have a limited amount of time. Weekends are up in the air and I can't commit to a schedule.

It was GORGEOUS outside today! When I started it was 63 degrees, 65 when I finished. What month is this, anyway?

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