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How a 250+ Pound Couch Potato Got Healthy

Monday, March 03, 2008

Today started the last week before switching programs. For some reason, everything seemed wrong. It's the same workout as last Monday, but with more weight and less time/reps. In the end, not only did I have to use the same amount of weight as last week, but I completed less reps, and was more tired... AND, my heart rate was higher than normal. I think during the weight workout it was 10 to 15 BPM higher than normal.

The upside is that because of the higher heart rate I burned more calories. I'm also enjoying being at the new place at lunch, hardly anyone's there. I think during my time there were 5 people in the whole place.

* Bench Press:
- Set 1: 6RM, 6 reps, sets to failure... 6 5
- Set 2: 6RM-15% of set 1, 6 reps, subsets of 3, sets until failure... 6 5 5, 6 2
- Set 3: 6RM-40% of set 1, reps to failure, subsets to failure, 10 10
* Static Curl, 1 rep per set, 30 second RM, 40lb dumbbell, 1 1 1
* Static Lying Triceps Extension, 1 rep per set, 30 second RM, 60lbs, 1 @ 22 secs, 55lbs, 2 @ 30 secs
* After weights, 25 min, 6mph run, 2.5 miles

Total 705 calories burned between weights & running! Woo!

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