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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

6-Mile Weekday Run

Today was a 6-mile weekday run. I've altered my running schedule. Recently, I've been running Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, alternating with gym days Tuesday and Thursday. I was finding that I wasn't going to the gym at all, evidenced by how sore I was following yesterday, continuing into today's run. So now I'm in the gym MWF, with running TThS, giving 3/3. While I've only been to the gym once, I can tell it's going to work out a lot better this way. It also gives me a day's rest from Thursday's run before Saturday's long run.

So today. Yes, I was sore, but I decided not to whine at myself over it and push myself. It seems to have worked out well. In fact, I totally surprised myself in the first three miles.

Mile 1: 8:26.05
Mile 2: 8:15.92
Mile 3: 8:21.99
Mile 4: 8:56.66
Mile 5: 8:59.55
Mile 6: 9:13.67
.20 mi: 1:49.77

Time: 54:03.61, 8:43/mi pace, 780 calories burned.

I'm happy with today's run, although I suppose it might have been better to have flipped the whole thing, with the slower miles first and fast ones later. Still, looking at the chart I would have PR'ed had I been running a 5k.

I even got cheered on by a 16-year-old girl. Why couldn't I have been cheered on when I was 16? Oh well.


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

You can tell that you were running your 5k race pace by how the pace really shot up in mile 4. Still, pushing the pace like that and then running with tired legs for another 3 miles will help teach your brain to accept running faster paces. There was a great article about that in Running Times last month.

Great job!

Greg said...

If you notice, mile 3 slowed as well. Mile 3 goes over the freeway overpass, which adds somewhat of a hill to the mix, although it usually gets balanced out on the way down. The worst is when the traffic's uncooperative either on the approach or exiting. The same goes for Mile 4, which goes back over the freeway again. Moreso with Mile 4, the approach is shorter and therefore steeper. I'm dying to run a 5k again though! There's one coming up in two weeks that I'm thinking of doing as a birthday present to myself (the 5k is two days prior to my birthday).

Marcy said...

It's a little something called "positive splits" I like to dabble in them as well from time to time HAHAHAHAA

Great job though!