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Friday, November 07, 2008

Halloween 2008

It's a little late, I know. With my computer virtually unusable, I had to find the time at work to upload the pictures.

It was tough getting the kids to stay still long enough to take their pictures. No real trick or treating this year, I got home later than I expected to, so we just took them to the mall, then to Grandma's house. They still had a good time.

Grandma loved spending time with the kids on Halloween. She said there weren't many kids who came over for some reason.

Gregory's school had a little Halloween festival during the day, so they were able to paint his face up. He loved being Spider-Man. BTW, Gregory is 6 now.

Jenny's 4, and was dressed up as a princess. Of course.

Joy's 3, and dressed up as Thomas the Tank Engine. She's really into Thomas, which is nice, because Gregory isn't anymore. So she inherited most of his Thomas stuff.

They all went right to bed the minute we got home. Gregory insisted on sleeping with his makeup on, so most of it wore off on the pillow by the next morning. I didn't see him until I got back from my run, after which I was soaking wet. I told them it was my own Halloween costume.

I hope all of you had a Happy Halloween!


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Very cute! My kids wore those Thomas costumes last year.

Arizona Pat said...

We used to be into Thomas way back when. Now, we are into college applications.

Your kids are cute.

Greg said...

Thanks, Pat. One step at a time here, I don't want to push them too fast. I do ask my daughters who they're going to get married to on occasion though.