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Friday, November 07, 2008

Weekday Run

What?!?! A second blog entry for the day?!?! Eh, who cares.

Another lunchtime run with Tim. This time, I decided to push it a little bit and see what he could handle. Whoops! I shouldn't have done that, and now I feel bad for him. He pooped out around 3 miles and we ended up walking quite a bit. We started back up again a few times, but we walked more than I would have liked. In the end though we were only a few minutes slower than the last time around.

To his credit, he didn't stop to walk until after 5k.

Mile 1: 8:46.45
Mile 2: 9:36.43
Mile 3: 10:08.18
Mile 4: 13:46.72
Mile 5: 14:40.87
.34 mi: 6:00.28

5.34 miles, 1:02:59, 618 calories burned, 11:47/mi average pace.

Long run in the morning! 14 miles, my goal is to run about 9:30/mi the first half, 9:00/mi the second half.

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Darrell said...

Hi Greg, thanks for stopping by my corner of the blogosphere. You've got quite the impressive bio, congrats on the change in life style. I lost 70 myself in 2003 before I started running. I see your PR's for 5K and 8K, is there a marathon in your future?