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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Long Run

Another Saturday, another long run. This time around, I had a heck of a time getting out of bed. I ended up getting out the door at 6:30, which actually worked to my benefit. With the cool air, the sun didn't make it too hot, and I was able to leave the headlamp at home. I like the headlamp, I use it while backpacking, but when running it tends to bounce more than I'd like.

For breakfast prior to the run, I had two packages of Kashi GoLean hot cereal and a small apple. I had wanted a banana, but we were out of them. When I got back I ate a PB&J sanwich.

Same route as last week, the difference being A) I was fresher, and B) it wasn't raining. Holy cow, that was bad. It sprinkled a little bit around the 7-mile mark, but nothing like last week.

Last night I went to Fleet Feet to buy a couple more pairs of socks so I wouldn't be out of luck if the laundry hadn't been done. While there, I decided to check out some new energy gel, and found Accel Gel. Not only is it energy gel with lots of carbohydrates, but this brand also has protein. They claimed it was for recovery while working out, so I figured I'd give it a try.

I ate the Accel Gel at the midpoint, which unlike Powerbar Gel or even Gu, had a honey-like texture. I had the vanilla flavor, which didn't taste too bad.

A few hours after my run I did have a lot of gas. I'm not sure if it was the Accel Gel or the Kashi, but those were the only things I ate differently this morning. OK, onto the splits.

Mile 1: 9:30.28
Mile 2: 9:21.43
Mile 3: 9:26.08
Mile 4: 10:35.50
Mile 5: 10:29.08
Mile 6: 9:48.52
Mile 7: 10:25.20
Mile 8: 9:55.80
Mile 9: 10:09.76
Mile 10: 10:00.48
Mile 11: 10:29.85
Mile 12: 10:23.15
Mile 13: 11:25.19
Mile 14: 11:07.62
.03 Mile: :17.48

For splits, originally I was going to go for negative splits, with the idea that I'd do about 9:30 miles until halfway, and then push myself towards 9 by the end. Obviously that didn't work out, partly because I was vlogging midstream and had to stop a bit here and there to get the camera out. I did manage to keep around 10:00, give or take some.

The last few miles were a little slower, but I managed to finish without being completely exhausted.

Once back, I ate my sandwich, drank my Powerade Zero, and spent time with the kids. I played Mario Kart with my son, took a nap, then later, drove to Roseville to check out Whole Foods. Great store, I was quite impressed. We didn't buy a whole lot, but had a good time.

14.03 miles, 2:23.46, 1775 calories burned. About 8 dogs along the way: 3 lapdogs chasing me at the beginning, 3 dogs loose but on a walk with the owner at around 7.5 miles, and at the last approach down my street, a small lapdog and a huge rottweiler. None were trying to bite.


Blog My said...

Nice long Run Greg....Calorie intake looked a little bit light during the run but if you felt good thats what counts... should avg about 300 calories an hour. 2- 3 gels would be fine.

but good job and a nice consistent pace overall!

and let's stay away from complete exhaustion save that for the end of races--lol

Darrell said...

Way to put in the miles.

Whole Foods is a nice store. The problem is I like the desert aisle best. LOL!