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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Intervals - 4.5 miles

Today was the first run in my marathon training. The plan I'm using is the FIRST Marathon Training Program. If you're unfamiliar with the program, it's basically a 3-day-a-week plan. WHAT, you ask, ONLY THREE?!?! For many reasons, I see this as the best plan for me. I don't want to forsake my gym workouts, which are 3 days a week. So I go into the gym on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with runs on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, with Saturday being the long run. Sunday is a total day off.

Anyway, today's run. Sprint intervals! The plan listed it as:

  • 10 minute warmup
  • 6 x (1 minute fast then 3 minutes easy)
  • 10 minute cooldown

    I used the Garmin 305 for timing the intervals, but I did the warmup wrong and ended up with it being a completely separate workout rather than another lap. I did it, honest!

    So here's how it went. They call the Tuesday run Key Run #1, which they say should be 45 seconds faster than my last 10k pace, which was 8:07/mi. Therefore my goal was 7:22/mi for each of the 1-min sprints.

    Warmup: 10 min @ 8:56/mi
    Interval 1: 1 min @ 6:26/mi, 3 min @ 9:34/mi
    Interval 2: 1 min @ 6:56/mi, 3 min @ 9:32/mi
    Interval 3: 1 min @ 7:05/mi, 3 min @ 9:34/mi
    Interval 4: 1 min @ 7:04/mi, 3 min @ 10:00/mi
    Interval 5: 1 min @ 6:44/mi, 3 min @ 10:27/mi
    Interval 6: 1 min @ 6:56/mi
    Cooldown: 10 min @ 10:22/mi

    All in all, it was successful. I was having a hard time doing 7:22, or should I say, concentrating on the GPS to keep it at 7:22. What I just decided to do is haul as much as I could, and as long as I was around 7:00, a bit less or a bit more, I was cool. Since the slower intervals weren't defined by the program other than "easy", that's what I did. Nice & easy.

    4.5 miles, 43 minutes, 484 calories burned

    I also realized I didn't post yesterday's weight workout, so I may as well post it now.

    Warmup, w/45lb bar
    * Overhead Squat
    * Squat
    * Good Morning
    * Barbell Lunge
    * Romanian Deadlift
    * Bent-over Row

    * Incline Dumbell Press, 4x6x40lbs
    * Neutral Grip Dumbell Row, 6x6x40lbs
    * Scaption, 6x6x20lbs
    * Incline Lower Trap Raise, 6x6x15lbs

    30 minutes, 190 calories burned

    Back to the gym tomorrow.

    Darrell said...

    Nice intervals, Greg. I'd suggest that since the first one went so quickly, maybe try paying attention to feel rather than the gadget to try to get closer to your pace goal. I hope you don't mind my unsolicited advice.

    Great way to start out the year! and the marathon training! Woohoo!

    Pat said...

    Not that I do this, but you can get your garmin to beep at you when your pace gets to high or to low.