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How a 250+ Pound Couch Potato Got Healthy

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Today's Tweets

06:20 Wt: 166.4, RHR: 51 #

07:03 Diet Dew in hand, I'm off to work. #

07:58 /me lost a follower. How sad, he must have been taken aback by my keen sense of tedium. #

08:00 Be careful after Wednesday night, we're adding an extra second to the year! #

08:14 The owner of my company bought P90X supplements for a bunch of ppl, but as far as I can tell, nobody's actually doing the P90X program. #

08:15 Just a thought: wouldn't purchasing the P90X program itself for people be better than spending the same $ on just supplements? #

08:32 "What type of document are you printing?" "Oh, an asset recovery form." "Ok, was it a PDF attachment?" "No, it was just an email." #

08:32 "So then you're printing an email?" "I am, yes." "And not a form?" "No, not a form." *grumble* #

08:33 I swear the biggest problem with tech support is that people do their job but really don't know what they're doing when they do their job. #

08:38 Scary headline: "Cruise: 'I Want Ten Children'" AAAAAAUGH! #

09:00 My tempo pace is 7:37 - 7:52? Get outta here!!! #

09:12 That was weird, Symantec Antivirus thought a Vista laptop was running 64-bit Vista, then couldn't install it. It's 32-bit, heh. #

12:40 Just checked Garmin Connect, and nope, their "site improvement" did not include re-enabling the Forerunner 305. Hence not using their site. #

12:42 When GNC says, "Improved Formula" on their protein powder, what it really means is, "Now Tastes More Like Ass". #

12:43 Off to the gym. #

13:35 Done with the gym, time to head back to work. #

14:45 Completed 12/29/2008. 190 (kcal). 00:29:56 #

16:11 It's now official: I'm registered for The Ave Marathon. GULP! #

17:18 Got my Diet Dew, driving home while listening to Jillian Michaels. #

18:30 Gah! Too many tweets! #

19:24 Trying to be good at the Chinese buffet. It's so hard! Prob ate 800 calories. Eh, maybe 500. #

20:05 It's amazing to me how many people are doing tri's over other things. Perhaps it's because they can't make up their minds, hehe. #

22:36 Zzzzz #

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Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Sorry to hear about the missing follower. I lost one last week and I'm not even sure who it was.

Carly said...

nice workout. Sounds like the first plan is going to work out well for you.