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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Long Run - 12 Miles

The past week I've been sick. I doubt it was the flu, I'm thinking it was more a cold than anything. Headache, phlegm draining into my throat, making it sore. As a result, my last gym workout was last Monday (seven days), and my last run was a week ago yesterday (eight days). Since I was feeling better, and marathon training starting next week, it was time.

So I ran 12 miles. Why 12? I probably would have run 14 except thanks to not running yesterday, I had to run before church today. I didn't have near as much time, so I cut it short in order to have plenty of time to shower and get ready. It also worked because I wasn't tempted to overdue it, just getting over my cold.

I kept my pace to about 10 minutes per mile, and walked a few times along the way. I walked the first quarter-mile as a warmup. I stopped for a minute or so at the midpoint to eat a new gel, chocolate flavored Powerbar Gel. What was interesting there is I figured all the flavors would have the same consistency, but no. It was a lot thicker, closer to the chocolate GU.

Here are the splits.

Mile 1: 11:01.08
Mile 2: 9:04.39
Mile 3: 9:12.17
Mile 4: 9:45.19
Mile 5: 10:17.05
Mile 6: 10:00.67
Mile 7: 14:37.70
Mile 8: 9:48.22
Mile 9: 9:49.96
Mile 10: 9:46.69
Mile 11: 10:51.06
Mile 12: 10:05.37

2:04:35, 10:21/mi, 1304 calories burned


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Nice job with the 12 miles. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Katie said...

WOW, way to get out there! Nice comeback from being sick!