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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Today's Tweets

05:43 Wt: 161.0, RHR: 52 #

07:01 Why are highway fog signs in the middle of thick fog instead of outside? #

08:41 New T1 for our IP phones, switchover will take then all down before reconfig. Yay! #

09:54 There comes a point when using old equipment is silly. Unfortunately my definition of old and slow is different. #

10:35 "The detailed instructions you gave for reconfiguring our IP phone won't work with my cell phone!" *rolls eyes* #

14:56 Interesting problem: network switch lets network traffic through but tosses DHCP out the window. #

15:02 Mapped 12/09/2008 Route (6.20 mi.) #

15:09 Completed 12/9/2008. 675 (kcal) Distance 6.20 mi. Duration 00:58:14 #

16:22 Oh, my god... WOOT OFF LIGHTS!!! $9.99, too. Bargain, that. #

17:45 On the way home, passing Arena Blvd... #

19:06 Standing in the line. Spending money once again. Five hundred dollars? #

20:23 "After the weigh in the blue team was esstatic." -- Total Moron Vicky, TBL #

21:19 12-9-2008 Splits: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: #

21:31 @MrThirteen Running splits; a chart of how fast I ran each mile for a distance. I think that one was 6.2 miles. Posting today's right now. #

21:32 @MrThirteen Whoops, I mean, just posted it. Watch for my blog entry in a minute. #

21:49 Midweek Run - 6.2 miles: This morning was cold. On the way out the door, it was 34 degrees, and I had to scrape.. #

22:03 TBL: Vicky made it to the final by staying above the line. Renee had better beat her next week. Or Ed I suppose. Nite all. #

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