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Friday, December 12, 2008

Today's Tweets

06:13 Wt: 162.4, RHR: 53 #

08:58 Now that yesterday's late-night project is over, it's time for new things to be bitched at about! #

09:30 It'd be nice to not be dumped on every 5 minutes. I'm just sayin'. #

09:58 Huh. Snow in Houston, snow in New Orleans? This global warming sucks. #

12:18 If I get everything done today, I can leave for Monterey without coming to work tomorrow. Of course I have three days worth of stuff... #

12:19 That also means: NO RUN FOR YOU! #

13:54 Server rack is too big for regular doors, so I have to clear off, disassemble, reassemble, pile on every time I move. SUCKA! #

14:14 Bag of Crap on Woot! Good luck. #

17:20 New Flickr upload: Greg & Angela: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: Christmas, 2001: many, many .. #

17:20 New Flickr upload: DSCN0268: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: #

17:20 New Flickr upload: party3: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: Hpim1049.Jpg #

17:20 New Flickr upload: FSP Christmas party 029: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: Hpim0549.Jpg #

20:04 Sitting with the family at Red Robin, waiting for phoud. #

20:45 i just heard a horrible cover of You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch sung by a woman. YUCK. #

23:03 Too tired for a blog entry. Nite all. #

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