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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Today's Tweets

07:29 Wt: 163.6, RHR: 53 #

07:30 Those numbers don't bode well for this weekend. Maybe I should run to Monterey instead of drive. 250 miles? No prob. #

08:50 "Obesity isn't what killed me! It was my heart!" #

09:29 Getting a haircut. #

10:30 As I suspected, fog all the way down the state. Yuck. #

12:06 Finally hitting the road. Fog's lifted, too! #

15:10 101's a parking lot. #

15:27 I'm sure you Bay Areans are laughing @ me, but it's been like 12 yrs since I drove out this way. #

17:36 We made it! Monterey Marriott... now to find the restaraunt for dinner. Still an hour though, and it's within walking distance. #

17:37 Make that running distance. Oh wait, my wife is with me, and it's semi-formal. Walking distance. #

18:22 Found the restaurant. Salmon, chicken, or USDA Prime sirloin? Hmmm. #

19:49 New Flickr upload: Whaling Station Menu: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: Menu from Friday nigh.. #

20:49 New Flickr upload: Sirloin Chateau: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: USDA Prime Center-Cut Sirl.. #

22:21 Off to bed. I get to run on the bike path along the ocean in the morning, can't wait. Nite. #

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