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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Today's Tweets

05:30 Wt: 164.2, RHR: 53 #

05:48 I swear, protein days work like magic. 3lbs down from yesterday. #

06:42 No friggin Diet Dew at AM/PM. Heading off to work in a tiff, listening to last 30 mins of Jillian Michaels. #

07:20 About to exit onto 50. Done w/Jillian's show. #

07:23 TBL S5 at home winner Bernie finished Chicago Marathon 4:15! #

07:26 TBL S5 contestants Bernie & Brittany also ran a half marathon last Saturday. #

10:09 An hour and 23 minutes conferenced between AT&T and the remote site, and STILL no Internet. #

11:12 Still on the conference with AT&T. 2 1/2 hours now. #

14:42 "Right click the desktop." "What's the desktop?" "Where your f**king icons are!" I wonder why he got mad? #

15:56 Finally have the remote site up and running. Limping along, mind you, but they can at least access our website. #

16:45 While I didn't run a marathon today, I had a marathon conference call. Does that count? #

16:46 Alright, I'm heading out. Off to get some Diet Dew, then drive home. I was Dew-deprived today, so it's about time. #

17:00 I'm tired of people complaining about how cold it is at 40 degrees. #

18:31 Whoopsie, forgot my son's Christmas Program! Luckily it's 5 minutes away. :) #

18:50 New Flickr upload: Gregory's Class: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: Gregory's class sings Rudo.. #

19:25 Gotta pee. #

19:42 I wonder if I could tweet & pee simultaneously? #

20:15 About to watch The Biggest Loser Finale. Vicky better not win. Ugh. #

20:22 Geez, Bernie lost more weight after the show ended last year. #

20:29 Whoops, Heba almost wiped out onstage, hehe. #

20:34 "Oh, please, please, pick my wife!" "Please, please, vote for me!" America votes for Ed. #

20:49 "You were on a reality show and you won 25 years of life." #

21:05 A few months ago it didn't seem like this year's numbers would be this big. #

21:12 Supposed to be 27 degrees tonight, I just let in the dog. The golden retriever who really isn't an inside dog. Oh, boy. #

21:20 neither/nor. Oops. #

21:32 "Fierce competitor that wouldn't let anything stand in her way?" #

21:33 Miss Piggy almost fell, whoops. #

21:37 Crap, I'm all caught up. Now I have to sit through commercials. #

21:40 $3M in Jello? #

21:41 Haw. "Guess what else is gonna hurt? MY FOOT IN YOUR ...!" #

21:52 Vicky: ahhhh, the irony. #

21:52 OK, Michelle, show us what you got. Time to be the 2nd female winner. #

21:54 Allison loves cutting to commercial too much. She revels in it. #

21:59 122 days at home, they finally said how long it was between their last weigh-in and tonight. BTW, their weigh-in was actually Saturday. #


22:00 Not only two women, two seasons in a row, but two black team female members two seasons in a row. #

22:21 Well, I lied. No stairclimber tonight. I'm going to bed. Nite all. #

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