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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Today's Tweets

06:11 Wt: 162.4, RHR: 58 #

06:12 Ah, the magic of protein days. -5.4lbs, 2 days. #

11:21 New post on my blog: Early Christmas Present: Hello, everyone. Due to being extremely busy, .. #

11:21 New post on my blog: What happened on Saturday? (or Long Run Gone Bad): Hey boys & girls. Ti.. #

12:39 Yaaaaaaaa! Too windy to run outside. I'll go to the gym instead. It's gym day anyway. #

13:23 I'm off to lift less than anyone at the gym. Wish me luck. #

14:28 Done with the gym and wouldn't you know, the wind is nil & it actually feels WARM. Oh well. #

14:39 Aha, this side of the freeway is chilly wind. So there you go. #

17:32 Well. My boss pulled me into a 1-on-1 when I normally would be going home, and kept me an hour. Yay, I'll get home around 7:15pm! #

19:58 It's 58 degrees in the house. A 3yo girl is throwing a fit because she doesn't want pants. #

20:17 6yo just told me "kin" means "family". Good tidings we bring, to you and your... kin. See, dad? Kin! #

21:14 Completed 12/17/2008. 283 (kcal). 00:42:11 #

21:44 Time for this lazy, disorganized moron to go to sleep. Nite. #

21:50 New post on my blog: Weight Workout: Yesterday I wasn't able to run, so today I figured what.. #

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