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Friday, December 19, 2008

Today's Tweets

05:49 Wt: 162.2, RHR: 58 #

06:47 Is it morning? I hadn't noticed, I was too busy scraping ice. #

08:09 User, on Thunderbird: "It doesn't say save, it says remember!!!" #

08:52 Runners: Would it be too much to do a half marathon in March and a full in May, or would it be better to wait until October for the full? #

09:15 I do my long runs on Saturdays, usually 12-14 miles. I see people doing them as short as 8 and as long as 20, why the variance? #

09:55 So then, Shamrock'n Half in May, The Ave (Avenue of the Giants) in May. Hmm. #

09:55 Then CIM in December? Hehehe. #

10:20 Speak of the devil, a box just arrived from B&H Photo. I tried to get this girl Miranda to give it to me but she refused. 200mm macro... #

11:23 Probably not a big deal to some of you, but today's the coldest temp I will have ever run, 38 degrees. #

14:41 What the heck? And I thought I had a blister! How'd THIS happen? #

14:50 New Flickr upload: 12-18-2008 Splits: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: Look what the wind did t.. #

14:51 New Flickr upload: No wonder my toe hurts!: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: I thought I got a .. #

16:42 Reminder, if you needed it: 1 week until Christmas. #

16:43 Mapped 12/18/2008 Route (6.21 mi.) #

16:45 Completed 12/18/2008. 692 (kcal) Distance 6.21 mi. Duration 00:58:43 #

16:55 I'm off. See you after the Dew. ;) #

17:11 Mmm, Diet Dew. Fact: Cans of Mountain Dew were what kept John McCain alive in the Hanoi Hilton. #

20:07 My 3yo was throwing a fit because she thought we weren't buying what she wants: lettuce. #

23:38 Watching Babylon 5. Almost done with S4! #

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