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Friday, December 19, 2008

Weight Workout & 2009 Race Schedule (tentative)

It was back to the gym today. Not the most calories burned, but anaerobic exercise is always that way. On weight training days, typically I burn more calories during the aerobic warmup, but today's warmup was anything but. Still, my muscles certainly got a pounding.

Warmup, w/45lb bar, 3 circuits
* Overhead Squat
* Squat
* Good Morning
* Barbell Lunge
* Romanian Deadlift
* Bent-over Row

* Dynamic Pushup, 3x6
* Bench Press, 1x105lbs, 8x95lbs, 6x95lbs
* Chin-Up, 1 set of 2, 2 sets of 1
* Combo Raise, 3x10x10lbs
* Horizontal Lateral Raise, 3x10x15lbs

33 minutes, 132 calories burned

Today was also my work potluck & gift exchange. I did extremely well, making up a salad with tomatoes, turkey breast, and swiss & american cheeses. Then at the end of the day I screwed up and had a large cookie. I hate when I do that! That is, I hate when I do that AFTER I do that, while I'm doing that, I want to be doing that a whole lot. Otherwise I wouldn't do it, right? Mm-hmm, sure.

Then tonight while watching the Sarah Connor Chronicles, I got a bit crazy and mapped out a tentative 2009 race schedule. Three of them are repeats of races I ran last year. You know, it's interesting, last year I didn't plan it out ahead of time and still ran 4 races in addition to the hiking & backpacking!

Ah yes, that. As I said, this is tentative. In most cases for the spring & summer races, I'll be waiting until the last minute to sign up for them, since there's other activities to consider. The nice thing, of course, is that with the training involved with running vs. hiking, most of my hiking will be after May anyway, so the change in training shouldn't affect marathon training (should I go that route). SO, here's the tentative schedule.

1-17-09 Frost or Fog 5k, Chico, CA
3-15-09 Shamrock'n Half Marathon, West Sacramento, CA (I'm registered for this one)
4-19-09 Sacramento Zoo Zoom, Sacramento, CA (ran last year)
4-25-09 Run Drugs Out of Town Run, Yuba City, CA (redundant name, ran last year)
5-3-09 The Ave Marathon, Avenue of the Giants, Weott, CA (very tentative)
6-20-09 Shriner's 8k, Sacramento, CA (ran last year)
8-1-09 Squaw Valley 5k, Squaw Valley, CA (Lake Tahoe)

There could be races after August as well, such as a repeat of the Turkey Trot I did this year. Still not 100% decided on The Ave yet, but in all likelihood it'll happen.

I'm also not sure yet about Christmas Day this year. It's my normal run day, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to fit it in during the day. We'll see how it goes.

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Darrell said...

Looks like a nice schedule, covers a variety of distances.

My buddies are planning on the Ave of the Giants as the destination marathon in 2009. I'm passing - no more CA marathons until I get some more states under my belt.

I always love to run on the holidays. There seems to be ample time between presents in the morning and dinner later in the afternoon. Its pretty easy to sneak out for an easy 3 miles. It is almost always a beautiful day down here.

Enjoy the holidays and Merry Christmas.