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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Today's Tweets

01:03 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 05:49 Wt: 162.2, RHR: 58 # 06:47 Is it morning? I hadn'.. #

01:11 *yawn* Now that I finished up 3 episodes of Babylon 5 and got my blog entry up, I'm off to bed. Weight down tomorrow? We shall see-- #

01:33 New post on my blog: : Today was interesting, to say the least. When I got up this morning, .. #

06:33 Wt: 163, RHR: 54 #

07:02 Work potluck/gift exchange today! #

08:58 Found an old workout log where I lifted low weight for 10 minutes and wondered how the heck you expand it to an hour. *chuckle* #

09:15 That's what she said. #

09:36 Taking bets on how many times my boss comes to check on my move progress. He's been here 20 minutes and has come in twice. #

10:45 I think it's time to go to the gym, the smell of potluck food is permeating the walls. #

10:52 Peanuts took care of that one. Maybe. #

11:44 Looks like I won't be working out until after lunch. Hey, maybe I'll vomit on the dip station! #

12:18 Great, so now I have to let that food settle... I was GOOD though, no dessert. Salad with turkey, kielbasa, and swiss. An apple after. #

12:56 Off to the gym. I promise, I won't stare at it. #

14:43 Indian guy's kids are experiencing Christmas for the first time and wants to know about the rituals. Should I make up something? Hmm. #

17:03 New Flickr upload: Babylon 5: Faith Manages: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: #

17:05 Alright, time to head out. To the Diet Dew. #

19:11 Wondering if I should do my long run at 6 or 7 in the morning. #

22:03 New post on my blog: Weight Workout & 2009 Race Schedule (tentative): It was back to the gym.. #

22:04 Completed 12/19/2008. 132 (kcal). 00:33:29 #

22:06 Alright, I'm off to bed. Long run tomorrow, we'll see how lazy I am. ;) I'll likely be out the door at 7. #

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1 comment:

D10 said...

Long day! Looks like you got some fun races in 2009. Hope you have a great holiday season.