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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Today's Tweets

06:37 The Horror!!! Wt: 168.6, RHR: 56 #

09:50 My Indian coworker is whispering on the phone in Hindi. Does he think I understand what he's saying? #

11:31 Holy cow it must be meant to be. Researching the The Ave marathon May 3.. If I start training Monday it's exactly EIGHTEEN WEEKS. #

16:00 Heading home. But first, now say it with me: Diet Dew! #

16:15 Starting up the car/Drink some Dew, turning the key/45 minute drive #

17:16 Oh boy, we get to go to Walmart! #

17:54 Wow, they have a 20lb weight vest too. #

18:34 Whoa, Walmart has ground bison. #

19:57 Mmm, rib eye. Nothing else, just rib eye. As it should be. #

20:29 Playing Operation with the kids. Man the game is different now. SFX, new pieces, a sampled buzzer. #

20:31 The loud analog buzzer is gone, the samples aren't near as loud, nor does it make you jump. Boring! #

21:06 Long run in the morning, first run since last Saturday. I'll be good, if I feel bad I'll make it short. Should be nice though. #

23:03 Alright, 11pm. Off to bed. I won't get out the door until way after the sun gets up so it'll be a bit warmer. Nite all. #

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