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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Today's Tweets

04:38 Wt: 165.6, RHR: 56, managed to dump some of the excess baggage, still up though. Mid 40s, @britishbulldog, it's 37 here. Easy! #

04:39 I'll be doing at least 12 myself. Feeling surprisingly good. My wife got up and said, "My clock says 4:30, why are you up so early?" #

07:32 Well crap! Fell back asleep, slept until 7:30 hehehehehehe #

07:32 No biggie, it'll just be warmer for the run. #

08:43 Finished up oatmeal and a banana, getting ready to head out. #

08:48 Hah, it's only 1 degree warmer since 5am. 38 degrees. #

08:55 RT @lambertman And I'm getting thirsty for a Diet Mtn Dew, which won't help a bit. -- He's one of us! :) #

10:31 I HAVEN'T RUN YET! FIL came over to bring the dollhouse he & MIL bought for the girls. Had to stick around for a while as a result. #

10:31 The goal now is to run after lunch. We'll see how successful. One thing about weekends though at least there's two days if something happens #

10:58 @Graymalkin56 Well, you just revealed something important: if you did it once, you can do it again. Mulder & Scully could run with you! #

12:26 @Greymalkin56 It really is a shame @visionary didn't get onto twitter. That would be a lot of fun. *snicker* #

13:58 @SoloRunner Now you need to find uses for your Iron Gym that it was never designed for. Use it as a harness for the dog. MUSH! #

14:01 @MrThirteen I find Flickr just as easy to use, you just email the picture. Subject is the title, the body is the description. #

14:06 @SoloRunner that's great, decent price too, although I'd be more apt to buy the Perfect Pushup. In fact I NEED to buy it hehe. #

14:06 Dangit wouldn't you know, the day I give @britishbulldog a hard time about being up early is the day I don't run. Tomorrow! Tomorrow! #

14:22 Playing Mario Kart Wii with the kids. :) #

15:07 @SoloRunner How do you do pushups & pullups while tweeting? #

15:10 @SoloRunner Picture? :) #

15:16 @SystemJinx She *could* be using a cellphone headset and that one service that translates phone conversations to tweets. :) #

16:16 We should transfer the YAMM concept to twitter. ;) #

16:57 Off to mom's house. #

17:20 Alright guys, if I don't run tomorrow I have to turn in my runner card. #

17:27 @SoloRunner You're doing Crossfit? So are you one of the girls in the video, doing 50 kipping pullups while pregnant? #

17:41 Today's fatal mistake: lying back down for "an hour" after being wide awake @ 4:30. #

17:49 When I was looking everywhere nobody had ab straps. Now that I belong to a gym and don't need them, Walmart has them! #

18:00 New ugly-as-sin Diet Dew label. Pic forthcoming... they now call it "mtn dew". Marketing. #

18:03 New Flickr upload: New Diet Dew Label: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: Ugly as sin! #

18:36 @evaporated You got to see a penis, what more do you want? #

18:38 David Brenner new years in Sacramento! #

19:09 @Graymalkin56 I knew Brenner was still alive but didn't know he was still performing. He's gotta be mid-60s by now. #

19:13 72?!?!?!?! #

19:13 @Graymalkin56 I guess now would be the time to see David Brenner, eh? #

19:16 @Graymalkin56 Holy cow man, look at the guy: #

19:16 Nobody can claim David Brenner had plastic surgery. Impressive he was impervious to that. #

19:50 @britishbulldog Adding you now, although getting into the habit of putting my info into it is a trick. #

19:59 @britishbulldog My problem is I already post workouts to many sites., my blog,, #

20:02 Picked up some Clif Bar Minis at Walmart, 100 calories of complex carbs, great for weekday runs. I use standard Clif Bars for backpacking. #

20:34 @SoloRunner My record is 5 pullups. Then I slacked on the gym workouts, so at the moment I'm at 1. #

20:36 @SoloRunner Crossfit should have some training versions of pullups for you to do to get you stronger. Can you do kipping ones with your toy? #

20:57 @SoloRunner I thought you were doing Crossfit! #

20:58 I just told my wife about The Ave. And so it begins... #

21:53 @MrThirteen after I finish watching Brothers & Sisters, sure #

22:48 Ok, bedtime. Happy, @MrThirteen? ;-) #

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