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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Friday + Weekend

Man, this is the first time I've had a chance to post all this stuff. WHEW!

OK, Friday. Did the gym, went very well, yay me. :)

Saturday morning we were supposed to be running with two other guys, but they opted out, so it was just Rob and I. Rob's been getting over a cold, so he took it easy, and Saturday's run ended up being about 10 min/mi. That run was also an "extra" for me, in that it wasn't part of my training. I just shifted the long run to today, which is where I get to the fun part.

In the FIRST training program, long runs are based on your PMP, or projected marathon pace. PMP is determined from your best 10k pace, which was 8:07 for me. Last week's pace was supposed to have been 9:22, but I did the math wrong and was shooting for 8:52. This week, I came to my senses and did the math correctly, making my goal 9:07 for 9 miles.

So I was looking closer at my running log, and sure enough, I had done the math for tempo runs wrong, too! It's supposed to be :15 to :30 slower than 8:07, but I saw it backwards and ended up trying to run FASTER than 8:07. I was aiming for 7:22 to 7:37 per mile, when I should have been trying for 8:22 to 8:37. That means that the two miles that were hard for me yet way off from my goal weren't all that far off either. As a matter of fact, I was right on goal.

Well buh-low me down!

Anyway, today's run wasn't exactly 9:07, but came close. I averaged 9:20. I could have done a lot better than that, but I walked a bit at the 4.5-mile turnaround. I also ran out of water, and with my throat being itchy the past few days, I was pretty dry.

Mile 1: 9:00.68
Mile 2: 8:56.31
Mile 3: 8:58.13
Mile 4: 9:11.25
Mile 5: 10:43.62
Mile 6: 9:49.60
Mile 7: 9:15.32
Mile 8: 9:12.15
Mile 9: 8:57.41

9 miles, 1:24:05.04, 9:20/mi average, 1125 calories burned

The weather was great, it averaged 62.7F. There was wind, but it was a warm one.

Afterwards we came home and I got to see my main man: that's right, he's back, ladies & gentlemen!

Maybe tomorrow night we'll find out why Tony Almeida's not dead, and why Jack didn't find it appropriate to say "dammit" tonight. Be sure to read my tweets, which by reading would indicate I'm a tad obsessed.

Time for bed. I'll set up the hard permiter.


Pat said...

great splits. Not sure if I've ever seen them with two places after the decimal point.

Pat said...
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