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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sprint Intervals - 12x400m, 6.12 miles


Sprint intervals today. 10min warmup, 12x400m @ 7:22 (90sec easy rest), 10min cooldown. Here we go.

Interval 1: 1:46.65, 7:06/mi
Interval 2: 1:47.95, 7:12/mi
Interval 3: 1:44.83, 6:59/mi
Interval 4: 1:49.85, 7:19/mi
Interval 5: 1:52.70, 7:31/mi
Interval 6: 1:51.63, 7:26/mi
Interval 7: 2:01.36, 8:05/mi
Interval 8: 1:52.71, 7:31/mi
Interval 9: 1:54.19, 7:37/mi
Interval 10: 1:56.81, 7:47/mi
Interval 11: 1:53.31, 7:33/mi
Interval 12: 1:56.61, 7:46/mi

7:22 was the goal for the sprints. I didn't make the goal every time, but man, they were tough! 90 seconds wasn't near enough rest time between sprints, hehehe.

I did learn one lesson after the last time I did them though: I avoided running over the freeway altogether! I couldn't have been close to goal otherwise. When you're running for two minutes, stopping completely for 30 seconds is huge.

6.12 miles, 58:28.60, 9:33/mi average pace, 761 calories burned.

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Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Nice job! I have a tough time doing intervals out on the road. I've found I need to do them either on a track or the treadmill.