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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today's Tweets

05:50 Wt: 167.8, RHR: 53 #

09:27 Would that be the magnificent mall of America? #

10:02 New Ad-Aware, "Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition" #

10:03 Wow, I hope that kid they just interviewed doesn't run for President. Sheesh. #

10:03 (MSNBC) #

10:04 Dianne Feinstein: "Very distinctive signature." #

10:16 Strange, MSNBC was rock solid throughout the inauguration but now that other things are going on it's choppy. #

10:16 (the MSNBC stream) #

10:35 Fuji apples make the world go 'round. #

10:47 So will Barack Obama now be shooting hoops with secret service agents? #

10:47 Or will it be like the old beer commercials, Barack's friends say "Oh man he's changed, he's changed" then see a pool full of beer? #

11:24 My wooted backup Reebok HRM's arrived. Woot! #

12:05 Alright, time for me to run. Back after I cry. #

13:16 Back from my run: sprint intervals, 10min warmup, 12x400m, 10min cooldown #

15:00 Wow, I just combined the ravenous bugblatter beast of traal with the black beast of aaaagh and didn't even realize it until now. Cool. #

15:04 From what I understand the Forerunner 305 isn't very accurate for elevation, at least not like the other product lines (like etrex) #

15:08 Mapped 01/20/2009 Route (6.12 mi.) #

15:24 In and around the lake, mountains come out of the sky, and they stand there. #

15:25 Completed Sprint Intervals - 12x400m. 761 (kcal) Distance 6.12 mi. Duration 00:58:24 #

16:34 New Flickr upload: 1-20-2009 Intervals: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: #

17:21 Guy @ combo cstore/quiznos wanted me to test fountain diet dew @ quiznos. Who am I to argue? #

17:21 On my way home w/bottled diet dew. #

20:37 YEAH!!! "Try and pick up that dumbell and push it up over your head!" #

20:47 PAH! The Turbo Tax Dead Presidents are creepier than the Burger King! #

20:47 ...but not as creepy as Zombie Orville Reddenbacher. #

20:58 I also don't expect REI to follow me back! #

21:04 New post on my blog: Sprint Intervals - 12x400m, 6.12 miles: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH! Sprint int.. #

21:06 I told him I was tired of that crap and he honestly didn't know why I was offended. #

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