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Monday, January 05, 2009

Today's Tweets

07:30 Wt: 166.2, RHR: 52 #

09:11 In church, tweeting. God appreciates it, I'm sure. #

10:00 "5 Good Habits For 2009" is my pastor's message. #5: No tweeting in church? #

10:25 Just got the phishing message. Time to kill someone. Hehe. #

11:14 Charging my phone, so no church tweets for a bit. :) #

13:30 Back again. More phishies. Must resist urge to click random, nonspecific tweets! #

13:51 Back at our favorite beautique. Everyone say it with me: Walmart! #

14:10 Why would I ever click "I saw your picture here"? That's like clicking a link in spam email. Think, tweeps. #

15:25 Hey, Jillian Michaels just called me, "Ladies." #

15:28 Interesting she scales her exercises down in the video to make them easier. No mention of that in Making the Cut, hehe. #

17:29 Back from my 8-mile long run. 1:13:22, 9:09/mi. #

17:40 Well what do ya know, this Trim Advantage sugar free drink mix has protein, too. It'd make for a good recovery drink! #

17:40 9g carbs, 6g fiber, 15g protein. Man. #

17:45 Man, Jillian Michaels' plank thrusts on the 30 Day Shred video is different, in the book she has you put a step in between & jump over it! #

17:52 Mapped 01/04/2009 Route (8.03 mi.) #

17:57 Completed 1/4/2009. 946 (kcal) Distance 8.03 mi. Duration 01:13:23 #

18:49 BTW you Biggest Loser fans, season premiere is Tuesday night. #

18:57 Man, Jillian only goes down half as far as I was on jump squats. Hey, how come I'm not shredded? #

18:58 There's one exercise in Making the Cut, I forget its name, where you jump WAY in the air and actually hold onto your legs. I can't do that. #

19:05 Jack Bauer doesn't have time to tweet. #

19:06 He does, however, have the time for a hard perimeter. #

19:34 KFI Sunday radio show podcasts, including Jillian Michaels: #

21:33 New Flickr upload: 1-4-2009 Splits: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: #

21:33 New post on my blog: Long Run - 8 miles: After losing Thursday as a running day to the Feath.. #

22:14 Alright, time for bed. Nite all. #

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