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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Today's Tweets

06:36 Wt: 166.4, RHR: 58 #

08:52 Hey everyone, Twitter seems to be back to normal today. Maybe. :) #

09:14 RT DarkUFO Charles Widmore on Twitter? #

10:41 I hate dealing with people who claim they speak English but don't. #

10:46 "Getting visionary'd." It has a nice ring to it. #

11:46 tweet what you eat? I scared! #

11:47 Breakfast: sandwich made with my protein waffles, 2 tbsp pb, 1 tbsp sugar free preserves, & an apple. 467 calories. #

12:49 I just drank the nasty, now it's time for the gym, or as I like to call it: Business Time. #

13:45 Done at the gym, prowling for Diet Dew. #

13:58 Ooh, Damages season premiere tonight! #

14:08 Diet Dew counteracts the taste effects of protein powder quite nicely. #

14:21 Experiment successful! I tweeted Damages and two minutes later, @ PattyHewes is following me. #

14:22 OK let's try this #

14:22 New episode of Dora the Explorer tonight! WOO! #

14:25 I was annoyed at the fact that my gym performance today sucked compared to the same workout last week. #

14:25 Then later I realized that perhaps I was only able to do half the pullups as last week because I had already done the pushup test #

14:47 DAMN IT ALL TO HELL! I forgot my lettuce. Now I have to go saladless. #

15:03 eats his 2nd apple today. #

15:57 May as well post my sorry lunch: boneless chicken breast, chicken wrap (chicken slices & tortilla), clif bar mini, apple, 484 calories #

16:28 BEEJ IS HOME! #

16:32 Got my W2. Oh yeahh. #

16:32 WHAT?! I only made $795,926.20 this year?!?!?! #

16:40 Completed 1/7/2009. 154 (kcal). 00:32:58 #

17:24 Well, stab me with a fork, I'm done. Where's that carbonated crack drink known as Diet Dew? #

17:25 Hmm... what do you think Jack Bauer's DTK ratio will be on Sunday? #

17:26 DTK Ratio = Dammit to Kill Ratio #

17:34 New post on my blog: Weight Workout: Well, today wasn't near as hectic at work. I didn't hav.. #

19:40 Now Ellen Parsons is following me. Wonder if these are official from FX? #

20:26 So I went into the kitchen a little earlier, getting the salad dressing for dinner, and what was in there to greet me? My friend, Diet Dew. #

20:27 I didn't expect him to be there, it was a pleasant surprise. And now I'll consume him, and let the green juice fill my innards with caffiene #

20:27 That and cancerous aspartame. :P #

20:47 Watching Stargate Atlantis. #

21:27 Oooh, Teyla just pulled an Admiral Kirk on ol' Michael. "I... have had enough... of YOUUUUUUU!" #

21:35 Darn. Watched Stargate Atlantis, now we can't watch Damages. Tomorrow night I guess. #

22:12 BOOM!!!!!! #

22:12 Heads up ladies & gentlemen, the moment has arrived. #

22:13 That's the best HRM for the price, it beats $70 Polars. Get it. Now. Stock up. I am. Not making the mistake of not stocking up again. #

22:14 Seriously, the Reebok strap is compatible with Polars and treadmills, $20 for watch & strap. The Polar strap alone is $50. #

22:19 I just bought two of the Reeboks. Werd. :) #

22:20 Oh also, shipping is $5 whether you buy 1, 2, or 3 of them. #

22:24 And with that, I'm off to bed. If it's still available I'll RT the Reebok again in the morning for those who missed it tonight. #

22:30 for the Reebok HRM. Had to post it minus the @, hehe. #

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