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Friday, January 09, 2009

Today's Tweets

05:37 Wt: 166.4, RHR: 50 #

08:39 DNS is being futzy @ work. Crazy day. #

08:42 Geez, today was supposed to be a LIGHT day. #

09:16 I LIVE. #

09:16 ...but apparently nobody else does. #

11:50 El Pollo Loco for lunch? Am I going to regret eating BEFORE I run? #

12:29 WebOS, eh? Well at least I know it's not going to crash on 95% of javascript sites. Did they resolve the java situation? #

13:05 "This is like watching a small, old, stinky dog beat a bigger dog. Finally, Palm, finally." #

13:07 Dude, Palm has Michael Bluth as a contact. #

13:11 It WILL be mine. Oh yes, it will. #

13:11 Runners: appropriately, the new Palm device is the Pre. #

13:33 This video describes my reaction to the Palm Pre: #

15:20 Does a tempo run count if your goal is 7:37-7:52 but you only run 8:30? #

16:04 New Flickr upload: 1-8-2009 Splits: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: #

16:30 WOO! Fixed my computer! Who's the man? That's right. #

16:33 I spell it M... A... N. Man. #

16:37 Mapped 01/08/2009 Route (6.22 mi.) #

16:42 Completed 1/8/2009. 740 (kcal) Distance 6.22 mi. Duration 01:01:46 #

17:52 Wish Twitter would get better. #

20:21 I'll elaborate when I get home :) #

20:52 One of the things that's made the Palm so great in my mind is that if I need it to do something, 9/10 times I can find software to do so #

20:53 Oh, I'm running and need to track my running shoes? Hey look at this, TriHard lets me not only do that but track mileage, on the go #

20:53 When I mentioned weight tracking earlier, seriously. I have 3 years of daily weigh-ins and food menus with rare exceptions. #

22:48 WOO! At home, on my computer, which is working. Now, THAT was an adventure. #

00:14 Time for bed. Nite all. #

00:34 New post on my blog: Computer? Fixed! + Tempo Run: Desktop - FIXED! I can't believe I'm actu.. #

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1 comment:

Marcy said...

Did it feel like a 7:30-7:50 pace? Cause if it did, then you're alright HAHA