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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Today's Tweets

06:28 Wt: 165, RHR: 52 #

06:44 Off to work, let's hope Twitter retains its stableness. Heh, it didn't yesterday. #

06:59 Only 2 days 'til the 7th worst day in Jack Bauer's life! #

07:42 stuck in foggy traffic. Yuck. #

07:44 Radio says 1 accident a mile ahead, another at my exit! #

08:24 At work, settled. Man what a horrible commute this morning. #

09:56 Spybot's my go-to, but I also use Ad-Aware and Windows Defender #

12:36 Question: do you think Kim Bauer will rear her cougar-bait head this season? #

13:53 Off to the gym! Later than I'd like, but at least I'm getting there. Time to make my abs burn. Guhhhhhhhhhhh. #

16:34 Completed 1/9/2009. 262 (kcal). 00:39:19 #

17:30 Payday loan consolidation? How does THAT work? #

17:44 On my way home. #

19:04 Sitting down to dinner with my ladies: mommy, 4yo Jenny, & 3yo Joy #

19:28 Dinner was tasty. Tempted to overeat, not gon' doit! #

20:29 just hit 100 followers. Not that it matters, half are people fishing for followers so they can send ads. #

21:58 Well guys it's that time once again. Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow. #

21:58 ...and for those of you not in CA, it's supposed to be 62 degrees. :-D #

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