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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Today's Tweets

05:45 Wt: 165.6, RHR: 51 #

07:59 Good morning, all. I'm at work. I'm sure you're glad. #

08:01 OH man, I just overheard the accountant tell Janitor that he needs a raise to make 3, no, 4 times what he makes now (cont) #

08:02 (cont) but when they give it to him, the catch is he'll have to stop asking if the checks are ready, and stop refusing to get direct deposit #

08:02 That made my morning, man. :) #

08:21 Frost or Fog 5k tomorrow! I'm angling for a PR, gotta get under 25 min. #

09:21 I need to reduce my tweets.93 Updates/Day: Tweets 36X more than the Twitter founders! 60% Conversation Chatty 8%. Yipes! Links Linked #

09:58 Testing out TweetDeck. Eh, not too bad. #

10:02 Well this is much nicer. Beats the webpage all to he-double-hockeysticks. #

10:16 On the lighter side of things, ladies, can you do this? SFW: #

10:24 Ooh, ooh, BSG's back tonight! Frakkin' ay. #

10:27 Hey look, Diet Dew! *gulp* #

10:35 Just got an email: new Dharma Special Access video,, pass: bharosa #

12:14 At the gym, because it's Business Time. #

13:39 Back from the gym. HOO-WEE, was that good. Weight workout + 30 Day Shred Level 3 on the Treo. It worked out VERY well. #

13:40 250 calories in 20 minutes with 30 Day Shred! #

13:51 I love you too, evaporated. You're so much more colorful here than on TCF! #

13:51 Much more odorific, too. #

13:57 I wish users would figure out the term "multitasking" as it pertains to a computer. #

14:12 But I'm with you, we need more Lois. Preferably in a bikini, in slow motion, coming out of the water. #

14:21 What I said: "Unplug the cable from the wall." What he heard: "Unplug the cable from the computer." English, people! English! #

15:22 Completed 1/16/2009. 121 (kcal). 00:24:15 #

15:25 Completed 1/16/2009. 250 (kcal). 00:20:23 #

15:28 I wish MapMyFitness would post a link to the workout when it posted to twitter. Minor beef. #

16:13 I gotta say, I'm diggin' TweetDeck. I gotta get it installed at home. #

16:43 And with that, I just realized, it's time to head home. Narf. #

17:06 As I bought my Diet dew a guy in a Firefox t-shirt walked in. As got in the car a guy with a Transformers shirt walked out. #

19:20 back from eating dinner #

20:19 It's not a cool car that I drive, barely well but still alive, you might laugh when I arrive, it's not a cool car that I drive. #

20:20 It's now -24 haha #

20:20 It's not a cold couch where I sleep, 10 feet wide, 11 feet deep. Pray the lord, my soul to keep, it's not a cold couch where I sleep. #

20:24 well much anyway #

20:27 My wife's stopped making mashed potatoes, and has replaced them with mashed sweet potatoes. And I like it. #

20:28 Oh geez, I still have week 3, day 3 pushups to do. #

20:28 After the walking pushups in the 30 day shred, I dunno #

21:30 Well... 100 Pushup Challenge Week 3, Day 3 FAIL!!! 22, 30, 20, 20, 5... 3... I'm done. Does this mean I repeat Week 3 next week? #

21:43 That's it for me. I'm off to bed. Nite all. #

21:46 Completed 1/16/2009. 00:10:00 #

22:04 New post on my blog: Weight Workout + 30 Day Shred + 100 Pushup FAIL!: Gee, Wally. How can w.. #

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