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Friday, January 16, 2009

Weight Workout + 30 Day Shred + 100 Pushup FAIL!

Gee, Wally. How can we wear out Greg's arms?

Weight Workout
Today was gym day, so I did what was on schedule.

* Overhead Squat
* Squat
* Good Morning
* Barbell Lunge
* Romanian Deadlift
* Bent-over Row

* Neutral-Grip Incline Press, 3x12x40lbs
* Chin-Up, 5,1,1
* Bent-Arm Lateral Raise & Rotation, 3x12x10lbs
* Swiss-Ball Side Flexion, 3x12

24 minutes, 121 calories burned.

Yup, you got it right. I did FIVE chinups in the first set, I was quite proud of myself. I was actually surprised at how strong I felt on the first one, so I knew I'd do well. This is the first time I've been able to do 5 of them since, well, the first goaround with this program about a year ago. When I came back to it I could only do one, so things are improving. I was also seeing definition in my shoulders while doing the raise & rotation, always a good sign.

30 Day Shred
So after the weight workout, I headed into the cardio room for the 30 Day Shred. I'd previewed the whole thing, and decided I'd just jump right on into Level 3.

My big question is, why the heck didn't Jillian Michaels have the DVD when I bought the book?!?!? I got such a better workout listening to her rather than stopping to look down at the book. A couple times I had to stop to look at it to see how to do an exercise, but most of the time that wasn't an issue. The times I had to look at the video were the times I wasn't bouncing around anyway, so it was cool.

A few of the exercises I wasn't able to do all of, mainly because of not being able to see the phone while doing them. I ended up having to fish it out of my pocket, look, and by the time I was able to do them, Jillian and her minions were finished. It's not that big a deal though, I know what to expect next time around.

Then of course there were the jump squats that I had to stop doing before she did. That just means I need to improve.

The biggest thing, however, is my heart rate and amount of sweat I tossed off. During the walking pushups, the sweat was DRIPPING off my head, onto the floor. Holy cow! Speaking of pushups, I was a tad nervous about them affecting my performance with tonight's pushups. More on that in a minute.

20 minutes, 250 calories burned! I burned as many calories as the same amount of time running. Not bad.

100 Pushup Challenge
Tonight was Week 3, Day 3 of the 100 Pushup Challenge. I didn't quite make the goal, so it looks like I get to repeat this week again. Not a big deal, considering I started on week 3. The sets were: 22, 30, 20, 20, 5... 3... I was done. I just couldn't crank out that final set of 28.

I do wonder if I hadn't been doing the walking pushups (about 10 of them? I wasn't counting, it was 30 seconds' worth) during the shred, if I would have been able to pull off tonight's.

What About Tomorrow?
Tomorrow morning is the Frost or Fog 5k/Quarter Marathon up in Chico, CA. I'll be doing the 5k at 9am. So it's off to bed in order to get plenty of sleep! My goal is to break 25 minutes.

Goodnight all, and if you're racing, good luck.

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