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Friday, January 23, 2009

Today's Tweets

05:42 Wt: 168.4, RHR: 52 #

06:37 Voices carry? Rain 'til Tuesday. #

07:54 Finally at work, getting ready to eat breakfast. :) #

08:43 Push the little daisies & make 'em come up. #

09:05 May I just say that Lolo Jones is hot? #

09:07 Wow. I blogged about 24, Battlestar Galactica, and Lost... but not the inauguration. #

09:43 What I wanna know is why users think computers work they way they WANT them to work rather than how they're designed to work. #

09:43 I might want my car to fly, but it ain't gonna. #

09:56 Is there a way on the blackberry to purge all messages in the inbox from the device only? We use IMAP. #

10:11 At least until my Pre arrives. ;) #

10:46 User: "Oh, oh, Spybot's coming up, should I Allow or Deny?" Me: "What is it trying to update?" User: "I don't know!" FLASH PLAYER UPDATE #

10:47 Why can't people learn to read EVERYTHING in a window and not just 1/8 of it? #

10:47 Well that's positively boring: a scrabble meetup that got tagged as "hiking" #

14:06 Well that run sucked. I seem to be having more and more of them. :( #

14:20 I was a tad overdressed today though, I'm sure that had at least a bit to do with it #

14:36 Mapped 01/22/2009 Route (6.22 mi.) #

14:41 Completed Tempo Run. 695 (kcal) Distance 6.22 mi. Duration 01:06:30 #

16:36 Boss calls. "Do you have an IDE drive Tim can play with?" Tim wants to clone a system. I give Tim the drive. "Oh, I thought you would do it" #

18:18 Have any of you had a chance to touch Paul Bellini? #

20:03 Rewatching the Lost season premiere. #

21:03 OK, done rewatching Lost. I'm off to bed. #

21:04 New Flickr upload: 1-22-2009 Splits: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: #

21:04 New post on my blog: Tempo Run - 6.2 miles: Today was my tempo run, this would be #4 of the .. #

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