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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Today's Tweets

06:14 Wt: 167.8, RHR: 49 #

06:58 Listening to The Choir: Chase the Kangaroo #

08:00 Well that sucks, the tweet I sent in the car didn't work. Therefore: I *was* listening to The Choir: Chase the Kangaroo :) #

08:02 Oh wow, my Choir tweet did go through. Heh. #

09:29 On the way into work someone noticed my slight hobble this morning. "Little rough walkin, there, eh?" Yeah, I'm old. #

11:11 So she's rebooting. Reboot fix everything. #

11:13 THE HUMANITY! I left my sweaty tights & socks from yesterday in my training bag. #

11:20 The tights also soaked my workout notes. GRUMBLE! #

11:21 Her name is Angel. #

12:59 At the gym, trying to figure out what a flexion is. #

14:32 AGH! What I thought was tilapia was really chicken. #

14:39 Guy from my church just called me asking for his W2. I guess his old boss's name was Greg, so he searched the phonebook "GR->send" #

14:39 When I answered, "This is Greg" he thought it was his old boss hahaha #

17:06 Completed Weight Workout. 132 (kcal). 00:30:00 #

21:43 and don't mind Fakecetera anymore hahaha #

21:46 Yeah poor Peter Cetera has a core following but never got as big solo as he did with Chicago #

21:46 They haven't done too badly, but again, core following #

21:46 I've seen Chicago 3 or 4 times live, but it was all post-Cetera #

21:46 the first time I only saw them because of my gf at the time, but the show was really good #

21:48 In the late 90s a lot of the big rock bands wre touring as dual-headliners so I got to see a lot of them, which was cool #

21:48 Now though life's different, and they charge so much for tickets I doubt I'll see one anytime soon, unless Jon Anderson gets better #

21:51 I think with Christian music at first I listened to soundalikes but in the end listened to unique bands #

21:52 So my favorites gravitated towards the alternative bent, 77's, The Choir, Adam Again, DA, etc #

21:52 One cool thing about going to see and listen to relative unknowns was you could always meet them and have conversations #

21:53 I saw The Choir once where the promoter screwed up, there were like 30 people there. I loved it. #

21:54 The same happened with Mike Roe, I got an email on the 77s mailing list that he'd be playing at suchandsuch address in Sacramento #

21:54 When I got there he was just helping a friend at a gig... in the parking lot of a pawn shop #

22:18 I just found myself snacking, before I realized it I'd eaten a bunch of crackers. Whole grain, but still, it's after 10! #

22:18 I'll work 'em off in the morning. #

22:18 I sure hope tomorrow's run goes well, I haven't had a good workout in well over a week. It's getting annoying. #

22:20 I need to go dig those books up, they're in a box somewhere unless I threw them away. Probably did 10 years ago. #

22:21 If for no other reason, What About Rock and What About Christian Rock are good historical records of the rock hysteria of the 80s #

22:22 You can plop Bob Larson right into that group. #

22:23 TO THIS DAY I can't hear the satanic messages in Stairway to Heaven #

22:24 "What're you lookin' for the devil for, when you aughtta be lookin' for the Lord!" hehe #

22:28 ...and Christians wonder why people see us as freaks. #

22:32 11 miles in the rain, baby! #

22:33 Nite all. #

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