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How a 250+ Pound Couch Potato Got Healthy

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Today's Tweets

05:41 Wt: 170.2, RHR: 49 #

05:43 Do I panic just yet? For the record my low weight was 158. #

09:46 Back, finally. Nah I'm not panicking about my weight, that doesn't take into consideration body makeup, fat percentage, muscle #

09:46 While I've always maintained that people who immediately jump to "it's probably muscle" might be fooling themselves #

09:46 This morning regardless of my weight, my belt is down a notch. So I'm going the muscle route. ;) #

10:37 "WAAAAH! We're Yuba City! WAAAAH! We're Marysville! We suck, WAAAAH! Give us money, WAAAAH!" #

13:05 OK tweeps, it's business time. #

14:28 Back from the gym, 'twas a good day! #

14:31 WAUGH! Today's split peas are 82g of carbs & 30g protein, ohhh baby hehehe #

14:31 This after whining about weight this morning. ;) #

15:18 Completed Weight Workout. 185 (kcal). 00:37:07 #

16:43 OK, I'm off. And for @ cyberpenguin specifically: I'm getting Diet Dew. Fear its wrath. #

16:44 Don't forget your Jack Bauer fix tonight, people!!! #

19:04 New Flickr upload: Gregory Tells About the Flag: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: Gregory got t.. #

20:57 So who's 24 #

20:57 Let's try that again. So who's 24'in with me tonight? :) #

20:58 Went by Staples tonight, got a 100-pack of HP DVD-R's for 25 bucks. #

21:42 I just did some calculations for calories in/calories out. According to this, I've been eating 600 calories too little. #

21:43 This after increasing by 500 calories a month ago hehehe #

21:49 The formula also factors in time lifting weights and time running. It sounds good anyway, hehehe #

21:49 It claims that it loses 2 pounds of fat per week #

22:25 The Senate is so amazingly busy, they're delaying the DTV deadline by 4 months. They just didn't have time to go digital I guess. #

23:28 OK boys & girls... I'm off to bed. Nite all. #

00:34 New post on my blog: Weight Workout: Today went very well in the gym. So far, this week is g.. #

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