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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Long Recovery Run/Walk - 14 miles

It was supposed to be a long run, but technically it was a run/walk. I did a lot of walking, but by the end? Those last few miles were all walking.

This was my first "real" run back, and the reason I use quotes is that there were a few runs in between to see how I felt, but nothing serious. Today was to be an all-out, give it what you got, back to the schedule long run. This whole week was, as a matter of fact, and I'm happy to report that I made all three runs.

Anyway, about today. I was doing pretty good toward the beginning, but after the halfway point, things started to go south. I started walking here and there because soreness was starting to set in. It's amazing how quickly fitness can be lost!

Anyway, here's how it looked.

Mile 1: 9:12.23
Mile 2: 9:22.95
Mile 3: 9:47.12
Mile 4: 9:58.65
Mile 5: 9:53.72
Mile 6: 10:20.06
Mile 7: 12:21.31
Mile 8: 12:40.83
Mile 9: 10:40.46
Mile 10: 11:21.71
Mile 11: 19:21.96
Mile 12: 18:10.01
Mile 13: 20:44.94
Mile 14: 20:48.07

As you can see, things just fell apart at the end, and in the last 4 miles I finally gave it up completely and walked.

All that said, the soreness I was feeling was entirely from not running for a period. The pain from my injury was for the most part gone. I could tell there was something going on, but nothing to stop me from running. This is great! Now I need to work on my stamina and speed, which will come just from running again.

After this run, last week was 25 miles, my highest mileage in almost a month.

Meanwhile, on the way home from work on Friday, I got a call from Fleet Feet to let me know my foam roller's come in! When you purchase $250 in merchandise from them, they email a $25 voucher to you. I now have a $25 voucher, along with a $5 coupon that I got from the Get Your Game Back seminar. The foam roller will be free.

I'm glad to be back.

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Chad in the AZ Desert said...

I sure know where you are coming from about starting over. At least you are back at it.