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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Today's Tweets

05:26 Wt: 170.2, RHR: 51 #

06:26 About 50 ppl in line at Denny's to get a free $3.99 Grand Slam. Eh, I'll pass. #

06:43 Stinkin Tivo changed the channel wrong, got 2 hrs of CNN instead of Spirit of the Marathon. :( #

07:52 Finally settled in at work. #

07:52 Leg still a bother, 2 days later. Not as bad of course, but still there. #

08:12 Bay City Rollers just came on Launchcast. Heh. #

08:13 You made me believe in maaaagic! ♫ #

08:26 How's this for a segue: Bay City Rollers to Rush. :) #

08:41 GEEZ MAN! Someone gave me props on for playing Bay City Rollers. #

08:41 Thanks, Pat Benatar, for covering "I Need a Lover" so I can understand the lyrics! #

08:52 Those iPhone ads talking about "there's an app for that" piss me off, because those apps are all on Palm and more. #

08:59 River running right on over my head. ♫ #

10:00 I got an angel ridin' shotgun, and he's ridin' with you all the way. ♫ #

10:15 A girl who could talk with her eyes. ♫ #

10:24 My favorite David Gilmour solo track. ♫ #

10:29 Why does the DJ play the movies? ♫ #

10:31 Why does the DJ play the movies? ♫ #

10:31 It shoots to twitter but doesn't play. That stinks. #

11:05 One of the badges my son will get for Cub Scouts is for attending a sporting event, or at very least watching one. It has to be the group. #

11:05 I've been tasked with recording said event. So last night I was watching MMA... #

11:54 Huh. Someone with the last name of Chance decided to follow me. #

13:10 Off to the gym for some non-running cardio. Wish me luck. ;) #

14:18 Did a spin video for the first time ever: 31 mins, 337 calories burned, Ave. HR 144 #

16:47 Holy cow, my local Denny's gave away 1100 Grand Slams #

16:47 #

17:08 OK guys, the stress is over. I'm going home... then will get new stress there. But first... DIET DEW! #

19:34 New video uploaded: 24: Half Dome: Little video I put together of my trip to climb Half Dome .. #

19:42 WTH? Why is my old 24 Half Dome video getting posted to Twitter? #

19:43 heh #

19:43 Well watch it, it's neat ;) #

19:55 It's still bugging me how a 1-hour episode of 24 is taking 3 hours to transfer to the computer. #

19:59 Repositioned the tivo's wireless adapter, went from 3 hours to 1:45 :) #

20:05 I don't watch Friday Night Lights, no. #

20:13 switching to the laptop, on the couch. The lazy place, I'll sit on my butt while watching contestants work their butts off. #

20:25 Oh man was I ever sweating during that spin DVD today. I was shocked at how much, it was just about pouring off my wrists hehe #

20:26 I also really didn't start blogging much until after I lost weight. During the loss I didn't for some reason. I really wish I did. #

20:29 "Twitter problem, please try again." Wow. #

20:57 "Nevermind, go ahead. Your heart could explode right now, I don't give a ****." -- Jillian Michaels #

21:19 WHAT?!!?! Joelle didn't lose anything?!?!? #

21:27 OK so TweetDeck showed 8 replies attributed to Twitter API, yet isn't showing them onscreen. Where do I go to see them? #

22:28 Anyway, time for bed. Nite all. :) #

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