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How a 250+ Pound Couch Potato Got Healthy

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Today's Tweets

05:45 Wt: 171.6, RHR: 50 #

07:48 @SoloRunner Are you surprised at having no voice? It was going last night. Sucks that it happened though. #

07:48 good morning everyone :) #

07:56 @TwilightEarth I'm sure Action Wipes are better for babies than, say, Clorox wipes. Once I accidentally wiped our baby's butt with one! #

07:58 RT @treocentral: Sprint EOL Document Reveals Treo 755p to be Replaced by Palm Pre: - Well, duh :) #

07:59 @MrThirteen If that's not the height of laziness, I don't know what is :) #

08:00 Ooh here we go... #

08:00 RT @MrThirteen: RT @gchance: good morning everyone :) #

08:02 @TwilightEarth I cleaned her up real quick, but I was worried for a bit. That was a few years ago. #

08:02 @TwilightEarth BTW are you as annoyed as I am at wipes? My wife loves them but they just pile up. My parents never needed wipes. #

08:17 @rodmur That's an awesome photo. If you can find Yo Yo Ma, he's taking a picture with his cell phone. :) #

08:22 @rambn The walmart trip is worse :) #

08:28 Why must WordPress show a thumbnail for every single link you pass the mouse over? Gah. #

08:31 @VBrown All Pier 1 stores, or selected ones? #

08:33 @VBrown I just found it, they're eliminating 125 jobs and possibly some (not all) stores #

08:34 Pier 1 making cuts: #

08:34 @VBrown Ack, 125 STORES, not jobs #

08:45 @MarthaVan Did you see my earlier tweet about Action Wipes being better than Clorox wipes? :) #

08:49 @MarthaVan I blame my wife, she was repackaging wipes into baggies #

08:54 @MarthaVan What's interesting is he didn't refuse it. I can't see a baby immediately enjoying it. #

09:19 @metalman777 I heard Poison on the way to work this morning #

09:35 @FanOfLee What plan have you been going by? #

09:39 @jfietzer Was he tweeting at the time? #

09:52 @FanOfLee Cool. As far as I know though Atkins doesn't limit calories, how much were you taking in per day? A woman needs AT LEAST 1200/day #

09:52 @FanOfLee And that's bare minimum. If you're exercising you'll need a whole lot more. #

10:02 @FanOfLee Did you read the whole Atkins book? #

10:03 @FanOfLee Losing weight & being healthy is a lot more than eating less. Sometimes you need to eat more believe it or not. #

10:06 @Ingersoll Hah without clicking the link I knew exactly what you were talking about. That's such an odd awesome story hehe #

10:07 @Ingersoll And you know the clerks didn't say "...a sword from star trek called a batleth", they just said a batleth #

10:32 @FanOfLee Atkins & South Beach aren't all that different. South Beach is much more rounded and lets you eat a lot of other stuff though. #

10:32 @FanOfLee Where is your blood sugar these days #

10:34 @FanOfLee This is the plan I lost my weight on, I *highly* recommend it. Lean For Life: #

10:34 @FanOfLee That said, you do need to follow it to a T with NO substitutions, otherwise you can't expect it to work. #

10:35 @FanOfLee But when I started my blood sugar was >210 and I had high blood pressure. Both are under control now. #

10:48 @OTD_Colonel You all everybody! #

10:51 @OTD_Colonel Lost, Charlie Pace, Driveshaft. You all everybody! #

10:56 What's on TV tonight? Why Lost, of course. ♫ #

10:57 What's on TV tonight? Why Lost, of course. ♫ #

10:59 gah #

11:06 Good stuff. ♫ #

11:12 Leave those kids alone. ♫ #

11:35 I Grieve ♫ #

11:44 Remember. ♫ #

12:06 Fanfare for the Common Man ♫ #

12:11 @Ingersoll You're geekier than I, I didn't realize there was an apostrophe. K'pla! #

12:11 @gchance And I have the Klingon dictionary, dangit #

12:12 ELP ♫ #

12:16 See you in another lifetime, bruthah... ♫ #

12:19 @levarburton Great article, but the question remains: have you responded to the author? #

12:24 When You Were Young ♫ #

12:45 @juliemarg You coming out here? #

13:29 Here you go: RT OGR/ARG - New Ajira Airways Billboard #

13:30 @bapper Hey at least you can run. ;) #

13:30 Whine, whine, whine. #

13:36 @bapper And hell, it's only been 3 days heh #

14:18 @juliemarg Here is sacto, I thought you were saying you were traveling to here hehe. Nevermind. #

14:21 @juliemarg Sorry but I can't, spending time with the family for valentine's day #

15:02 @MarthaVan 250x250 isn't hi-res #

16:07 @caseywright What in particular is it you don't like? You've used it for a day man. #

16:08 RT @weirdnews Man spends 24 hours on treadmill #

16:08 So how is that strange? #

16:14 @SoloRunner But MOM, I have to do EVERYTHING around here! #

16:34 OK time for Diet Dew and the drive home. Today's podcast listen: Battlestar Galactica, where we hear how pretentious Ronald D Moore is #

18:11 I've been home 20 minutes and my son's thrown 4 or 5 fits in that time. #

20:53 Man, I need to do the stairclimber tonight after Lost. #

21:00 John Hiatt, 2003: #

21:00 Robert Cray, 2003: #

21:24 Starting Lost. Wow, ABC's doing like Nickelodeon & Cartoon Network. They just said, "ABC's Lost starts now, on ABC." Uh, thanks. #

22:35 OK I better get off to bed. Gnite all. #

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