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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Treadmill Recovery Run - 4.25 miles

Wow, have you guys noticed how my daily tweets have been the only thing that's gotten posted to my blog? Sorry about that, but I've just been so busy the past few days, coupled with not running, that I just haven't posted. Then to top it all off, Loudtwitter screwed up and output ALL my tweets and didn't filter out the @ replies.

Anyway, today I decided to run the treadmill as a recovery run to see how it would go. I ran 5 minute intervals, the following speeds:

1: 5mph
2: 6mph
3: 7mph
4: 7.5mph
5: 8mph
6: 7mph
7: 6mph
8: 5mph

It didn't go too badly, I ran for 40 minutes and burned 485 calories. It really felt good to be running, but my right leg was still a bit stiff. This evening my knee is a bit achy, but again, not too bad.

I also have a funny story. On the treadmill, when I got to 8mph a guy running another treadmill started giving me looks and finally said, "DANG, are you training for a marathon or something?"

I said, "As a matter of fact, yes." He started stumbling over his words, and said something like, "Oh, uh, I was just, uh, kidding, but cool, good for you. You're wearing me out just watching you run." Then he stopped his treadmill and left.

Did I say something?

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