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Friday, February 06, 2009

Today's Tweets

06:05 Wt: 172, RHR: 54, BF: 16.5% #

07:57 So is hiring someone to tweet for you good twetiquette? :) #

07:58 Ooh, the plot thickens, it's Drew's wife, who's tweeting just to say she thinks Adam Carolla's funny this morning. :P #

08:02 HOLY CRAP. You remember those old Raisin Bran commercials where they always ended the bowl with just a raisin? I just DID that. #

08:06 RT @MarathonMatters: "It helps me sleep at night." President George W. Bush on why he runs. #

08:16 Why did this user put in the driver CD that says MACINTOSH into her PC? #

08:16 Then as a followup, why, when it came up with a README that said "this is for mac only" would she say "Why isn't it working?!?!" #

08:22 Irony in a plastic package: #

08:46 Cool! Carl's Jr.'s following me! #

08:49 No, User. You don't have to reconnect your internet connection to get your printer to work. #

10:08 My wife can't stop spelling Wii as Wee #

10:23 Lumping people into "etc." is like Gilligan's Island. "...and the rest" #

13:21 There are only two places the word "alibi" is appropriate: the courtroom and in rock & roll songs. #

14:18 Boy oh boy, I get to do TAXES this weekend! #

15:29 RT @jfietzer Caption This!! - "What would Jesus do?" #

16:15 This is making the rounds, but still fun: How to Start the Day With a Positive Outlook: #

20:11 I just saw the preview for Confessions of a Shopaholic #

20:11 I have to say, I'm glad I managed to escape being stuck inside a romance comedy. WHEW. #

20:58 I suppose Tom Zarek means business. #

21:21 Oh geez, a Cylon Detector iPhone app. #

21:57 We'll have to wait & see if there are actually any bald eagles out there :) #

23:34 New post on my blog: Nothing!: That's right. Today I didn't make it to the gym. I didn't run.. #

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