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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Today's Tweets

06:34 Wt: 173.6, RHR: 51, BF: 17% #

06:49 So much for the bald eagle migration. My 7yo son's throwing a fit, while his cousin made a nasty face when I offered to take him too. #

07:10 Hey here's a thought. My shoes have about 200 miles on them, could that be the source of my problem? My last pair I replaced at 250. #

07:11 Watching Spirit of the Marathon at present. #

08:43 "As your shoes begin to give out, you may begin to get some aches or pains in your bones and joints." #

08:44 "You may also notice slight muscle fatigue, new tightness, or possible shin splints. " #

08:44 That totally sounds like me. #

08:52 heh, thanks @runninghoosier #

08:54 Anyway I'm going to go by Fleet Feet and get a new pair. I say go by, but really it's an hour's drive. :) #

09:02 Actually my last pair was 290 and I felt like I'd gone too far on them #

09:11 Alright I better git. #

10:11 At FF doing foot evaluation #

10:21 Huh. They're saying I don't pronate, the shoe may have been making the problem worse. #

16:36 Finished running, took it REALLY easy with sporadic walking. 10 miles, 2 hours. :) #

16:37 Heck, my average HR was 122 :) #

16:37 The walking made the average lower, while running I don't think I ever went above 140bpm #

16:40 Hah, they're interviewing kids at PF Chang's Arizona #

16:40 They asked, "What's a Kenyan?" and the kid answered, "One of the fastest guys" #

19:19 Waiting for my fajita salad to arrive. Eating too many complimentary chips. #

21:49 Man why can't Lost be on tonight? #

21:58 Completed Long, Recovery Run. 957 (kcal). 10.00 mi.. #

22:47 The nice thing about Spenceville is you can go in half a day. Heck, a quarter of a day. #

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