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Monday, February 16, 2009

Today's Tweets

00:05 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 00:04 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 00:05 New po.. #

06:11 Wt: 176, RHR: 55, BF: 17.3%, DWD: 7 #

08:06 Great. I finally work myself into actually wanting to go to the doctor, only to realize today's a holiday. Life really sucks. #

08:07 RT @cyberpenguin: us doctor who fans, u don't have 2 wait to watch the x-mas special on tv: #

10:41 "I don't care if you're updating software on every computer in the company... MY VOICE MAIL DOESN'T WORK!" #

12:35 RT @ang1985bear: OMG - people are so insane ! - AMEN to that #

12:52 I, for one, appreciate knowing things like "Faraday's removing his tie in episode 10!" before anyone else. ;) #

14:11 Daniel Faraday's tie is my constant. #

15:54 Jack Bauer ain't 'fraid o' no ghosts. #

16:47 HEY, my Palm sync is now complete. It's time to get some Diet Dew and get outta Dodge. #

18:51 is at Cub Scouts with a 7-year-old who doesn't want to participate. Again. #

20:17 Finally at home, anxiously awaiting the Jack Bauer Power Hour. #

20:59 Only a few minutes until JACK, but I have to wait. Gotta let it cache to skip commercials! Jack's DVR's reality. #

21:55 HAH, I thought for sure Chloe was going to say, "I'm a PC, not a Mac." #

22:09 SID number? Jaaack, it's SSID. That's it, I can't watch 24 anymore. #

22:12 YEAH!!! Best. Surprise. Cameo. Ever. #

22:16 "She's naked out there, Jack." If only that were true. If only. #

22:42 This is hilarious. The newscaster woman from KXTV 10 DT'ed me in response to a Jack Bauer tweet. :P #

22:42 Thank you, Cristina, you made my evening. #

22:44 OK time for me to go to bed. Nite all. #

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