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Monday, March 09, 2009

Good Feet

Today was supposed to have been a gym day, but it was time to take things into my hands a bit further with regards to my leg.

Remember, I said that my running shoes with their original insoles seemed to have fixed my leg while running, but I still have the problem while not running? How do you express the fact that you want the same sort of support in your walking shoes as your running shoes to the 16-year-old working at the local shoe store?

So I went to the Good Feet store.

They didn't seem too happy with Fleet Feet overall. Of course, that's their competition, so I really can't blame them. Anyway, I spent a good hour and a half there, talking to Mrs. Cleavage, the sales woman. She agreed with me in respect to how I walk with my feet leaning outward. She said she could see it as I was just standing there, before I even walked.

They had this neat little system of walking across a little pad, which made an imprint of your foot as it struck the ground. In the end, she gave me a pair of Brooks Addiction shoes. I also learned a little bit more about how my feet are and why they feel the way they do in the Nikes.

Basically, the shoes aren't giving me more support on the outside of my feet, my feet are just wide. In regular shoes, they constricted my feet. With wider shoes (the Nikes are W), they better formed around my feet. The Brooks Addiction shoes feel exactly as my feet do in the Nike shoes.

So now it's time to just see how it goes. I'm wearing the Brooks as my regular day to day shoe, with the Nikes as my running shoe. I'll keep everyone up to date as to how it goes.

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