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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Today's Tweets

00:05 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 00:05 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 06:13 Wt: 17.. #

06:24 Wt: 174.0, RHR: 50 BF: 17.2%, DWD: 9 #

08:29 Wow. The >6' tall girl here at work feels she isn't tall enough, so she's wearing 3" heels. #

12:05 I don't have an update to give. Pretty sad. #

12:44 Eating a PB&J sandwich. #

13:52 Looking at the Shamrock'n Half Marathon map, wondering what sort of FREAK made such a zig-zaggy course. #

14:36 RT @caseywright: Take a pic of a DVD barcode on your phone, have it downloaded as a torrent file to your computer #

15:58 Just signed up for the Sacramento Zoo Zoom 5k on 4/19 and Run Drugs Out of Town 5k on 4/25. Is a 5k foolish 1 week prior to a marathon? #

16:23 "Here in our office our system has been so slow all day." <-- she's referring to the company website #

16:41 When you say, "When it's done booting..." what does that mean? #

16:44 Unbelievable. User has problems. So I log into her system and do nothing except reboot (which she says she's done). She says I did magic. #

17:10 Done with updates for the day, I'm heading home... but not before Diet Dew, of course. #

20:06 HAH! See, I'm magic at home, too. I unclogged the bathroom drain somethin' fierce. #

20:15 Lost isn't new tonight. :( #

20:38 Joel McHale has 10,743 followers after 4 days. #

22:27 WHAT?!?! It's 10:30!?! It's time for bed! #

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