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Monday, April 20, 2009

Boston Marathon

Today was Patriot's Day. That means: Boston Marathon!

I have to admit, I surprised myself at how excited I was about it this morning. I got signed up for the AT&T text messaging for the bib #'s of a few people I knew who were running, both on Twitter and the Tivo Community Forum. Once I got to work, I connected to the live stream, and it really was exciting, hearing how my online buddies were doing while watching Kara Goucher & Ryan Hall go for the prize.

I thought for sure Kara would win. Right up until the last 800 yards or so it looked like she'd take it, but didn't quite do it. It was still great watching her and Ryan go for it.

On the left is female winner Salina Kosgei of Kenya. The one on the right is Deriba Merga, winner of the men's race. The announcers said that by winning Boston, it would be a total game changer in his (Merga's) life, that in his country, he could survive on $175 US not per day, but per month. This race would lead to other races, and more money to support his family.


That isn't to say that Ryan Hall didn't do well. He still made 3rd place, and was only 8 seconds behind 2nd. At one point it looked like he'd take 2nd, he was gaining ground fast, but the 2nd place winner was just too far forward.

Upon crossing the finish line, Dire Tune, last year's female winner and 2nd place this year, collapsed in a heap on the ground. She needed medical treatment, although got released a short time later.

Kara Goucher immediately broke down in tears once across the finish line. In the final few miles, she overtook the winners quite a few times, and for long periods. Nonetheless, it wasn't enough for a win.

All in all, it made for an exciting morning, one that will certainly provide motivation for my own marathon come May 3!

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