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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Final Taper Run - 3 miles

Today was the last run before Sunday's Avenue of Giants marathon. It actually worked out well, because I had to take my wife to work anyway, so what I did was run the 3 miles as soon as I dropped her off, then came back to use the restroom after.

A user named @keeponrunning on Twitter told me that his Thursday runs are usually a good indicator of his performance on race day the following weekend. If I go by his estimates, Sunday's going to be fabulous!

Goal was 3 miles at projected marathon pace, which is 8:52/mi.

Mile 1: 8:49.65
Mile 2: 8:39.75
Mile 3: 8:35.86

3 miles, 26:06.41, 8:41/mi average, 360 calories burned

Then this afternoon, I needed to drop something by to my pastor. When I got there, there were still quite a few people at the church, so we all prayed for the marathon. It was great!

Hopefully it'll go as well as today's run went.

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Chad in the AZ Desert said...

It's so cool to have a really good run right before a big race. You are going to do awesome! Good luck!