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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Today's Tweets

00:10 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 00:44 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 00:43 New po.. #

08:39 Wt: 175, RHR: 52, BF: 17.2% #

09:17 good late vacation morning everyone ;) #

09:55 My 3yo daughter just said, "I very burped." #

10:23 Question: why is it that one day I'll have no soreness and then days like today I'm sore head to foot? #

10:31 RT @karrock: Ever wonder what Tweeting "in real life" would be like? Some Tweets Really Belong on Twitter #

10:32 Avenue of Giants Marathon Sunday... look at Saturday's weather: SHOWERS! WOO! #

10:34 Sunday's weather is showers too. Thank goodness for tree cover, man. #

11:03 Off to my mom's, taking her to lunch with my sis. #

12:57 4x tires for my Xterra = $780 #

12:58 Eating lunch with my son & his cousin. #

13:50 Wow, Reebok has kid exercise equipment! #

14:29 Has Stephen King weighed in on Captain Trips yet? #

14:34 I swear I'll have spent $1k before the day's through. #

14:50 @evablackorwhite I'm not leaving until Friday. I'm on vaca tho, not at work. :) #

14:52 @evablackorwhite A million things to do before leaving. I need brakes but it needs to wait. #

16:01 Finally home with the boys. I like it here. No money is being spent. #

16:36 My son's never said "Boo yah". His cousin said it once. My son now has a new saying. GRRR. #

17:05 RT @bapper: Today's tempo run: 9.51 mi in 72:06, avg pace 7:34 min/mi, avg HR 194, - WAH! You rock! #

17:45 RT @smellycents: - Lets do this! (Charlie's Angels Season 45?) #

18:44 #

19:23 After all my leg problems and shoe problems, money spent on proper shoes, my wife goes and buys herself $3 shoes at the thrift store. #

19:26 Tomorrow I get to assemble the camping stuff for the weekend. Should I buy food here or there? We do have extra space... hmm. #

20:48 I was horrible at hydration today. *snif* #

20:56 Eating canteloupe, waiting for the best show on TV to start... LOST!!! #

21:42 Just looked at the Avenue of Giants Marathon website... I'm bib #117. :) #

21:44 25 ppl in my age group #

21:44 I was wrong. 38 ppl in my age group. #

22:08 I'm off to bed myself. Goodnight all, except @IWCharters, who I say good morning to. :) #

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