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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tempo Run: 6 miles + RunSaturday

Today was a 6-mile tempo run. It was windy, it was tough, but I do think I had the best tempo run I've had in a while.

Notice the map looks different? Loads faster, too. More on that in a minute, but first some splits.

Mile 1: 8:46.38
Mile 2: 8:56.54
Mile 3: 9:07.24
Mile 4: 9:17.89
Mile 5: 10:06.90
Mile 6: 9:42.13

6 miles, 9:19/mi average, 55:58.32, 761 calories burned

Now for the fun part...

As you probably know, I've been using for quite some time to track my runs and link to them online. Well, today @Oblivion on Twitter introduced me to quite possibly the best site of that kind online. It's called RunSaturday, and has no ads of any kind, unlike MapMyRun. It's free, interfaces with about 10 different devices, and if yours isn't supported, it'll load .GPX files. Some of the stats and charts it gives are incredible.

I'm still working on linking directly to my stats page for charts, but you know what sort of data junkie I can be! This site has some incredible stuff about it, and it's in beta, meaning it'll just get better and better over time.

Anyway, after today's tempo run, I think I'm getting back into the swing of putting out all my effort when necessary. We'll see how Saturday's long run goes.

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