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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Today's Tweets

00:43 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 00:11 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 00:11 New po.. #

04:31 Wt: 177.2, RHR: 48, BF: 17.6% #

07:57 I got woken up at 4:15 because a server was down. I reluctantly went back to bed until 4:25, when another call came in. Bleah. #

10:03 RT @GavinNewsom It's official- running for Gov of CA. Wanted you to be the first to know. Need your help. Check out video: #

10:04 We're all doomed out here in CA. If you thought Blagovich was something... #

10:04 I'd rather have Jerry Brown than Gavin Newsom, and that's saying something right there. God help us all. #

10:18 Article about our local heatwave: #

11:40 OK, off to the gym for some intervals. #

13:45 Enough about barefoot running! It's driving me nuts today! :) #

13:46 I just talked to a girl @ work about Sunday's race. She said her friend who ran with us runs "a lot"... 2 miles a day. If she only knew. :) #

14:23 My boss is out the rest of the week! He just sent an email. #

14:48 RT @runnersusan: - Here's the other side, because it is clearly not a penis. - Ah, but is it clearly not a vagina? #

15:43 Wow, the Garmin didn't know what to do when the foot pod wasn't working on the treadmill. It thought I ran 70 feet in 12 minutes. #

16:38 Completed Sprint Intervals. 403 (kcal). 4.00 mi.. 00:41:00 #

16:49 It's now taking 24 hours on average for Flickr & Youtube uploads to show on Facebook. Just so you know. #

16:53 Time to head home. Later guys. #

22:04 ACK! I just proved myself wrong. Now @Neumen's & @kelownagurl's podcasts work on my treo :) #

22:18 Masi Oka, I don't care about recycling coffee cups. #

23:09 ok time for bed #

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