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How a 250+ Pound Couch Potato Got Healthy

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today's Tweets

00:44 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 00:43 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 00:11 New po.. #

05:44 Wt: 176.6, RHR: 50, BF: 17.7% #

07:51 Good morning tweeps! #

08:15 Today's Earth Day. I tried to hug it, but it wasn't happy and got bits of itself all over me. The Earth hates me. #

08:20 Computer lesson: computers can multitask, with different windows on the screen simultaneously. #

08:21 Computer lesson #2: everything onscreen doesn't need to be maximized with 500-point fonts defeating the purpose of high resolution. #

08:48 RT @runnersworld: Nevermind, Kara isn't running London. Alberto talked her out of it. - smart coach. #

09:22 RT @beejjorgensen: The voice quality of Skype on the iPhone destroys the voice quality of AT&T on the iPhone. #

09:37 "Actress Mia Farrow to start fast over Darfur"? Don't you have to act once in a while to be an actress? #

11:31 RT @Vtrim: Are you at a healthy weight? Get you BMI calculated for free - if anyone charges for BMI calculation kill'em #

12:22 "And when I ask you to explain, you say..." ♫ #

12:35 After a week, I'm finally getting my Rush fix. 2112, y'all. ♫ #

13:29 Queen + Paul Rodgers... or is it Tenacious-D? ♫ #

14:42 is reading about the taper. #

16:17 More Rush. ♫ #

21:15 "Her name was clearrrr?" "Sorry that name doesn't mean anything to me." #

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