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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Today's Tweets

00:11 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 00:10 New post on my blog: Tempo Run: 6 miles: Sometime.. #

06:49 Wt: 176.6, RHR: 45, BF: 17.8% #

06:50 That RHR was for @Oblivion's benefit hehehe. #

07:06 I thought for sure the 5k started at 8. It starts at 9. Ah well, a little more time to play. :) #

07:14 "Stop telling the rangers you're doing LSD up the mountain!" #

07:16 OK here's a question for you guys: 5k this morning, 8-10 mile long run tomorrow. Marathon next Sunday. Should I run less miles for long? #

07:56 OK, I'm off. My son just told me, "Daddy, I've been practicing for this day." So he's excited. :) #

09:54 Hah, running a 5k with my son was, run 1/10th of a mile @ 8min/mi, walk the rest. :P #

11:12 The guy at the finish wasn't a volunteer, he was the founder of the nationwide race... & rude beyond compare. #

13:16 I joined twitter 586 days ago - - yet I only started USING it a few months ago ;) #

13:21 OK I'm off to take a nap with my wife. See you guys later. #

15:50 Up again, refreshed after a nap. #

15:51 RT @universalsports: Runner collapses, dies at Nashville half-marathon #

16:23 I swear I had a mentally difficult time at the 5k today. Not running just about killed me, seeing all these runners zoom by. #

16:30 WHAT? Firefox can crash? But I thought it was PERFECT! #

16:33 Great. My daughter was grounded from Dora the Explorer and my wife didn't tell me, so she got a freebie. Time to bury the dead. #

16:34 Mapped 04/25/2009 Route (3.05 mi.) #

16:36 Completed Regular Walk. Distance 3.05 mi. #

17:35 Captain Trips is making its rounds! #

17:42 I just posted a video to About to go to Walmart with the family. #

18:31 My geek quotient is sky high. Star Trek toys at Walmart! HUGE NCC-1701 Enterprise! #

18:43 New video uploaded: 2009RunDrugsOutOfTown: Gregory, Jenny, & Joy run in the 2009 Run Drugs Ou.. #

20:47 My sister's best friend growing up just posted to her Facebook page that she met the Dalai Lama today. Now that's cool. #

21:43 Hey look, KFC's "Kentucky Grilled Chicken" is "For a limited time." Because we all know, eating right is limited. #

22:02 Actually I'm learning over time that I'm obsessive compulsive in general, even though my house is a pig sty. #

23:11 It's after 11pm, and I'm running in the morning! What am I? Nuts? Goodnight everyone. #

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