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Monday, May 11, 2009

Today's Tweets

23:56 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 23:58 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 23:59 New po.. #

05:50 Wt: 179.4, RHR: 50, BF: 18.4% #

08:03 User just called and told me his computer says, "Intramap failed." What the hell does that mean? I'm thinking he didn't write it down. #

08:07 Question: Why can't Mozilla get it in their heads that prefs.js shouldn't be so easily corrupted? #

08:29 Dire Straits, Telegraph Road, from Alchemy ♫ #

08:34 Calorie reduction IN EFFECT! #

08:37 User: "The printer needs toner." Me: "Which one?" User: "Uh..." Me: "Is it the tall one, the short one, the copier, or color?" User: "Color" #

08:37 How do you NOT KNOW WHICH PRINTER when there's ONLY ONE COLOR PRINTER?!?! #

08:41 RT @sacbee_news: Obama wants to see 5,000 failing schools close - Let's overcrowd the others & not fix the problem #

09:06 Quickly everyone, autorun for removable media appears to be off in Vista, how do I turn it back on? Removable media isn't listed in AutoPlay #

09:06 Specifically it needs to launch the camera/scanner wizard automatically, it's not seeing there's pictures there. #

09:43 Peter Gabriel, "I Grieve" ♫ #

10:55 RT @Golabutron: T-minus 9 minutes. If you want to watch the launch, now's the time: - now less than 8 minutes #

10:57 RT @NASA: T-5 minutes. Atlantis' three Auxiliary Power Units have been activated. #

11:45 Fish in the break room! The smell is EVERYWHERE. Now is a perfect time to go to the gym. #

11:49 The professional photos for the Avenue of the Giants Marathon are online, and I actually look like I know what I'm doing! #

12:16 Pictures from Avenue of the Giants Marathon, including ones of me actually running: #

12:29 Guy at work was riding a century this past weekend & wiped out hard. They thought he punctured a lung. He's here all banged up. #

12:29 New Flickr upload: DSC_0033: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: #

12:29 New Flickr upload: DSC_0034: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: #

12:29 New Flickr upload: GregAve1: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: #

12:29 New Flickr upload: GregAve2: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: #

12:45 RT @collective_soul: RT @22squared this commercial is CLASSIC!: - "Where white people & black people buy furniture." #

14:44 Completed Circuit Training. 271 (kcal). 00:34:52 #

14:45 Rusty P. is reminiscent of Rusty Warren. #

14:54 #

14:56 AHA! It *is* on! Dur Dur D'etre Bebe! ♫ #

15:11 OK tweeps, you gotta see this guy sing. Seriously. Really. #

15:47 RT @Snowshadow: Local Twitter drama as Liverpool Reporter tweets after being shot - Now THAT'S dedication! #

16:29 Well, now. I'm off. Later everyone. :) #

16:29 ...and when I'm off, Diet Dew's not far behind! #

18:25 Watching a little league game with my son. #

20:44 "You could use some situps to get rid of your belly." -- next door neighbor to her daughter. AAAAAAAAAAUGH! #

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