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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Today's Tweets

00:38 New post on my blog: Back to Work!: I'm back to a steady regimen as of today. I've reduced m.. #

00:38 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 23:56 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 23:58 New po.. #

05:56 Wt: 178.4, RHR: 54, BF: 18.2% #

08:00 Good morning! #

08:20 RT @Skittlesdfw: This month's "safety" meeting topic: Eating good carbohydrates. Uh, seriously? This was a major safety issue? #

11:40 ack1 #

11:41 17 minutes fighting with AT&T before they send me to Blackberry support. #

11:57 RT @richcruse: 2nd season Biggest Loser winner Matt is going to to Ironman in Kona. #

12:20 AT&T sent me to 2nd level... 2nd level sent me to RIM... RIM sent me to 2nd level RIM... 2nd level RIM sent me to... AT&T 1st level again. #

12:20 56 minutes into the call. #

12:27 "Thank you for your patience." That's code for, "We're going to annoy you until you get a large bowel obstruction." #

15:15 RT @sacbee_news: U.S. seeking 'Turtle Man' in wildlife smuggling scheme - Was he running? #

16:45 OK I'm off. East coast TBL'ers, no tweeting spoilers, now. :) #

20:03 This kinda sucks. Got my replacement drive, installing Vista Ultimate, but it's an upgrade. Gotta install XP FIRST, then Vista. #

20:04 RT @sacbee_news: Rotten office fridge cleanup sends 7 to hospital - linky? #

20:16 Here it is, San Jose... Rotten office fridge cleanup sends 7 to hospital. #

20:17 Hah! It was AT&T! #

22:04 I couldn't run Vista 64 because of no 64-bit drivers for my wireless card. To install 32-bit, I have to install XP AGAIN. Frickin Microsoft. #

22:06 These Biggest Loser contestants are amazing. Absolutely amazing. #

22:11 There are always computer problems. They may be legitimate or stupid, but they will exist. No matter what operating system. #

22:14 @cyktrussel I'm slowly permeating the running world, pretty soon... I... WILL... RULE. #

22:25 At least the XP install went fast. Heh. #

22:32 OK, 32-bit Vista installing. Grumble. #

22:34 Hah we're almost completely caught up with The Biggest Loser. #

22:34 I love DVR :) #

22:34 1 terabyte drive, $99. #

22:58 Helen? Well I was certainly wrong, holy cow! #

22:59 And in typical Biggest Loser finale style, it's "You win! Goodnight!" #

23:12 Woo! Got the Vista system on the network, now I can get updates downloading overnight #

23:18 Is IE8 worth the download? #

23:31 ok, SP1 installing now, I think I'll go to bed myself #

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